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Clinton/Gore gave carmakers 8 year’s holiday

Q: What don’t you like about Al Gore?
A: He’s broken his [environmental] priorities. He and Clinton have given the auto companies eight years holiday: no fuel efficiency standards. They’ve turned the auto safety agency into a consulting firm for Detroit. And one area after another, whether it’s the forests, whether it’s land erosion, whether it’s not protecting small farmers and ranchers, whether it’s pesticides, whether it’s genetic engineering, you name it, they have fallen down on the job.
Source: Interview on ‘Meet the Press’ May 7, 2000

Corporations wield power without accountability

The requirement of a just social order is that the responsibility shall lie where the power of decision rests. But the law has never caught up with the development of the large corporate unit. Too often the responsibility for an act is not imputable to those whose decision enable it to be set in motion. People sitting in executive suites can make remote decisions which will someday result in tremendous carnage, and because they are remote in time and space between their decision and the consequences of that decision, there is no accountability.
In our country, the large corporations are the dominant institution. They comprise the strongest, consistent, generic power in the land.
Their power accommodates or absorbs other challenging power centers such as big government and organized labor in ways that turn an additional profit, erect an additional privilege, or acquire protective mechanisms to ward off new pressures for change or reform.
Source:, “Corporate Power” Feb 21, 2000

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