Buddy Roemer on Energy & Oil

Former Governor (R-LA); frontrunner for AmericansElect presidential nomination

Railed against ethanol subsidies in Iowa

Roemer portrays himself as a hard-nosed businessman who has the guts to tackle the deficit by slashing any program he deems ineffective. As if to prove he wouldn't be beholden to anyone, Mr. Roemer railed against ethanol subsidies in Iowa, a state full of corn farms. An analyst in attendance, writing on an Iowa political website, called Roemer "one of the most interesting candidates of the night; it's unfair and unwise to fully dismiss him."
Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Longshot from Louisiana" , Mar 16, 2011

Bring our Marines home from "oil" duty via domestic energy

If we are going to have real change in America, we need a President free to lead. Free to strive for energy independence by the end of this decade creating millions of new jobs, bringing our Marines home from "oil" duty, and relieving us from the foreign policy strangle-hold oil has on America.
Source: Exploratory Committee press release , Mar 3, 2011

More energy exploration in the US

Besides calling for campaign finance reform in his announcement, Roemer touched on other issues, backing a simplified federal tax code and more energy exploration in the U.S., hoping for complete independence from foreign oil by 2020. Roemer also said he backed reducing spending in all federal departments and cracking down on illegal immigration.
Source: Kevin Derby in Sunshine State News , Mar 3, 2011

Tax credits for exploring for oil in deep water & Arctic

Roemer co-sponsored H.R.1824, the Hostile Areas Exploration Incentive Act of 1987, which allows income tax credits for costs incurred in the exploration and production of oil or gas in areas on the outer continental shelf where the water depth is at leas 600 feet (domestic frontier areas) and areas located north of the 49th parallel (Arctic areas). Sets the rates of the credits as follows;
  1. for the exploration credit, 15 percent of the exploration and drilling costs incurred; and
  2. for the production credit, $5 per barrel or barrel-of-oil equivalent. Reduces the credit for exploration or production in water depths between 600 and 1,199 feet. Limits the amount of each credit based on the average price of domestic crude oil. Provides for inflation adjustments to such limitation.
Source: Bill co-sponsorship records from Library of Congress , Mar 25, 1987

Repeal windfall profit tax on domestic crude oil

Roemer co-sponsored H.R.4887, A bill to repeal the windfall profit tax on domestic crude oil. Sponsor: Rep Archer, Bill [TX-7]; Cosponsors (45). Amends the Internal Revenue Code to repeal the windfall profit tax on domestic crude oil.
Source: Bill co-sponsorship records from Library of Congress , May 22, 1986

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