Buddy Roemer on Homeland Security

Former Governor (R-LA); frontrunner for AmericansElect presidential nomination

No more "oil duty" for Marines: stronger but more focused

I will make America Energy Independent by the end of this decade. After breaking our addiction to foreign oil, I will no longer send Marines on "oil" duty in the Middle East. A quieter, tougher, more-focused military with sealed borders for our nation. As President Teddy Roosevelt said 100 years ago, "We will speak softly and carry a BIG stick."
Source: 2012 Presidential campaign website, "Talk To Buddy" , Oct 9, 2011

Patriot Act ok after full debate and temporary modifications

Q: How do you balance national security with inalienable rights?

A: National security is the key role of a national government. Frankly, one of the lessons taught our leaders by the Al-Qaeda attack on 9/11 is that the threat is not always in some faraway place. The closer the fight comes home to domestic territory the greater the conflict with rights constitutionally protected to citizens: speech, assembly, religious beliefs, and more. The resolution is never easy, so we rely on full debate and temporary modifications (Patriot Act with its 3-year re-authorization). And our relatively independent court system is a huge safe-guard that we don't swing too far in either direction. Airport Security, Border Security, National Security--all facets of the same fight: keeping America free and brave. It begins with the Constitution but it is safeguarded by the constant, informed vigilance of our citizens.

Source: 2012 Presidential campaign website, "Talk To Buddy" , Oct 9, 2011

Defense appropriations decided by political money & access

Special interest money has taken control of the key policy issues facing our nation. If we pass a financial reform bill that does not tackle too big to fail, harmful derivatives that shifts the risks of Wall Street's gambles to Main Street taxpayers, or fix the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have we really addressed the causes of our financial system's collapse? If we brag about cutting spending, while we fear touching entitlements for fear of special interest retribution, can we really put America's financial house back in order? We have traded access in the political system for guaranteed special interest outcomes. This must stop. Name a problem or an opportunity--tax reform, spending discipline, jobs creation, Wall Street bailout, defense appropriations--and then follow the money and reveal its tentacles. Our decision-makers are indebted to all the wrong things--access money, fundraiser money, special interest money, bundled money, protection money--all of it corrupt.
Source: Exploratory Committee press release , Mar 3, 2011

Require Congressional approval for arms exports

Roemer co-sponsored H.R.898, the Arms Export Reform Act of 1987, which requires the President to submit certification to the Congress in the case of any Arms Export, specifically:
  1. turbine-powered military aircraft, rockets, missiles, anti-aircraft artillery
  2. helicopters designed or equipped for combat operations
  3. main battle tanks and nuclear-capable artillery
  4. submarines, aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, frigates, destroyers, and auxiliary warships.
Prohibits the issuance of any export license unless the Congress authorizes such sale, export, lease, or loan. Declares that the congressional actions shall not be required if the President states in the certification that an emergency exists which requires the proposed sale, export, lease, or loan.
Source: Bill co-sponsorship records from Library of Congress , Jan 29, 1987

National security strategy: peace through strength

Roemer co-sponsored H.CON.RES.83, a concurrent resolution to express the sense of the Congress that the national security policy of the United States should reflect a national strategy of peace through strength.

Sponsor: Rep Stratton, Samuel S. [NY-23]; Cosponsors (201); Related Bills: S.CON.RES.15

Source: Bill co-sponsorship records from Library of Congress , Mar 9, 1983

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