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Ted Budd: Infrastructure bill is Trojan horse for Green New Deal

Budd appeared on Newsmax and had this to say about Biden's proposed bill which includes Green New Deal infrastructure expenditures, "I mean it is a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal." Budd added, "Well, we see the same pattern of calling it one thing, but yet it being quite another. I mean, this is $2.3 trillion of so-called infrastructure. But this is not your father's Oldsmobile. This is not infrastructure like we know it. I think 6% of this plan actually deals with bridges and roads."
Source: KMJ NOW News Radio on 2022 North Carolina Senate race Apr 28, 2021

Pat McCrory: Supported offshore drilling off North Carolina's coast

McCrory also supported offshore drilling during his tenure, advocating for permits for seismic testing off North Carolina's coast.
Source: The NCSU Technician on 2022 North Carolina Senate race Apr 19, 2021

Dan Forest: Climate change is the religion of the left

Q: Consider human-caused climate change a serious threat?

Dan Forest: No. Climate change is "the religion of the left." Lower state gas tax, expand gas and oil extraction onshore and offshore. State "should strive to be energy independent."

Roy Cooper: Yes. Climate change "makes storms larger and more powerful and intensifies heavy rainfalls and droughts." Wants tax credits for electric cars and to reduce emissions from electric power generation to 70% of 2005 levels by 2030.

Source: CampusElect survey on 2020 North Carolina Gubernatorial race Nov 3, 2020

Cal Cunningham: 100% renewable energy by 2050; rejoin Paris Agreement

Q: Consider human-caused climate change a serious threat? Support government action?

Cal Cunningham: Yes. "One of the most urgent issues facing us." Supports efforts to move to 100% renewable energy by 2050, rejoin Paris Agreement and train workers for green jobs.

Thom Tillis: Mixed. Sees climate change as solvable with "responsible market-driven solutions." Supported Trump rule easing emission limits on coal-fired power plants.

Source: CampusElect survey of 2020 North Carolina Senate race Sep 30, 2020

Cal Cunningham: Invest in clean energy economy for jobs & reducing pollution

North Carolina has seen the effects of climate change firsthand. He believes that in order to combat this crisis, we need to invest in a clean energy economy that will create good-paying jobs, reduce carbon pollution, and make North Carolina a leader. Solar energy is already spreading across this state, providing good-paying jobs for our workers and economic investment in rural areas. Endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.
Source: 2020 North Carolina Senate campaign website Jun 10, 2020

Al Pisano: Don't prioritize green energy

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Prioritize green energy"?

A: Oppose

Source: OnTheIssues 2020 interview on North Carolina Governor race Apr 30, 2020

Roy Cooper: Cut greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2025, 70% by 2030

We launched a Clean Energy Plan and established a goal to cut North Carolina's greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2025 and 70% by 2030 and renewed our state's commitment to reducing pollution. We've fought offshore drilling and have stood against those who would threaten our coastal economy and our beaches. We need to continue to invest in renewables and make sure we achieve a carbon neutral North Carolina.
Source: Raleigh News-Observer on 2020 North Carolina Governor race Mar 2, 2020

Holly Grange: Make strides in renewable energy, be stewards of resources

We have a God given responsibility to protect our coasts, our forests, our waterways, our mountains and other natural resources in North Carolina. I believe we can work together to continue making strides in renewable energy and being good stewards of our beautiful state.
Source: News & Observer on 2020 North Carolina gubernatorial race Feb 18, 2020

Erica Smith: Supports solar & wind; reduce emissions & carbon

I support solar and wind energy installations, broadband expansion and environmental justice for land owners. We must continue to invest in satellite and communications technology that provide early prediction and monitoring of storm patterns in order to evacuate as many people as possible out of the eye of the storm. We must further perform analysis of climate change and implement policy and target goals for reducing emissions and carbon-power generation.
Source: 2020 North Carolina Senate website Feb 7, 2020

Erica Smith: Opposed state moratorium on wind farms

Smith-Ingram said the developers have had permits in place for the last three years and have invested millions of dollars already. "[That's] $1 billion of impact that is lost with this wind moratorium," she told the Senate. "To have this financial impact in my district is absolutely unconscionable.
Source: WRAL Raleigh-Durham on 2020 North Carolina Senate race Jun 28, 2019

Roy Cooper: Reducing greenhouse gas means green jobs

We must also limit damage from the next storm by rebuilding stronger and more resilient. Weeks after Hurricane Florence, I formed the new office of recovery and resiliency to carry out recovery and develop strategies to protect our state from future storms. We've seen violent weather threaten every corner of our state, and scientists agree climate change is making storms more fierce. It is real. And we're the generation that must act.

In October, I signed an executive order to reduce our state's greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2025. This won't just help in the fight against climate change. It will boost our economy by creating more clean energy jobs.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to North Carolina congress Feb 25, 2019

Holly Grange: Climate change exists; not sure if it's all manmade

Climate change does exist. Personally, and from my research, I'm not sure that that is all manmade climate change, but climate change definitely does exist. And if scientific studies have determined that sea levels are rising, that's something that we need to deal with, for whatever reason they may be rising. Especially with our defense and especially with our delicate natural resources that we have here in southeastern North Carolina.
Source: WHQR Public Media on 2020 North Carolina Gubernatorial race Oct 9, 2016

Holly Grange: Offshore oil exploration can be done safely

I think we can safely explore offshore. From what I understand, though, there's a moratorium on any type of progress in that direction off of our coast. It's not anything we need to deal with at this moment, but exploration can be done safely. I'm not saying we need to go beyond that, but we can't even do that right now.
Source: WHQR Public Media on 2020 North Carolina Gubernatorial race Oct 9, 2016

Roy Cooper: Supports Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

I have supported successful efforts like North Carolina's Clean Smokestacks Act, which I used to limit TVA's pollution in our mountains, and the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. Pursuing alternative energy production has benefited our environment and our economy.
Source: 2016 North Carolina governor campaign website May 2, 2016

Mark Walker: Much "so-called" science of climate change is contested

Climate change has become a political football and the secular left has used it to drive through restricting regulations that have damaged our economy. We can be green without being extreme. Much of the "so-called" science of climate change is contested though it's made a few politicians quite wealthy. I believe that God provided the earth to us and we have a responsibility to conserve and respect the environment. When companies damage or abuse our environment, they should be held accountable.
Source: 2014 North Carolina House campaign website, Oct 10, 2014

Mark Walker: No federal subsidies for wind & solar

Q: Governments should pay to develop wind and solar energy solutions when these are not economically feasible?

WALKER: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 North Carolina House race Sep 30, 2014

Thom Tillis: No subsidies for wind and solar

Question topic: Governments should pay to develop wind and solar energy solutions when these are not economically feasible.

Tillis: Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 North Carolina Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Thom Tillis: Climate change is not an established fact

Thom Tillis presented himself as a "practical" conservative during the first primary debate. His leading opponent, Greg Brannon, attacked the state House speaker as softer than him on immigration, health care, education, gun rights and other issues.

"We're all conservatives," Tillis said; "You have conservative choices in this primary." While mostly playing it safe, Tillis staked out a series of positions on the right that could hurt him in the general election: agreeing with the other three candidates on stage that climate change is not an established fact, and opposing a federal minimum wage.

When asked if the mentally ill should be able to own guns, Brannon suggested that people with PTSD and other forms of temporary mental illness should. Tillis responded, "Mr. Brannon just said yes to your question, which I think is irresponsible," he said. "You can't put a gun in the hands of someone who represents a danger to themselves or society. Folks, this is being a practical conservative.

Source: on 2014 North Carolina Senate debate Apr 22, 2014

Kay Hagan: Advocate for Keystone XL pipeline

Sen. Hagan is caught in the middle of an issue that is splitting Democrats at the outset of this election year, the Keystone XL pipeline. She is an advocate of the pipeline, as are most red-state Democrats scrapping for re-election this year, and is anxiously awaiting to see whether the president approves or nixes the pipeline's construction.
Source: Wall Street Journal on 2014 North Carolina Senate race Feb 4, 2014

Deborah Ross: Voted NO on horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking

SB 820 Authorizes Hydraulic Fracturing
Veto Override Passed House (72-47); Rep. Ross voted Nay. Source: VoteSmart synopsis: 2011-2012 North Carolina voting records Jul 2, 2012

Thom Tillis: Use hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for oil & gas extraction

Tillis voted YEA on July 2, 2012 for SB 820: Authorizes Hydraulic Fracturing: Veto Override Passed House, 72-47.