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Steve Marchand: Gas tax isn't ideal, but use it for infrastructure

Q: You have previously discussed increasing the gas tax as ways to increase revenue for the state?

Marchand: The gas tax is not desirable. But I believe when you can attach the revenue stream to the use of the revenue stream, that's a more transparent system. The business leaders I've talked to over the years also identified infrastructure as a priority. For now, the gas tax is one of the most direct tools in the toolbox. It is something I still have on the table because I think infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers we face to economic growth if we do not address and updated electric grid, ensured drinking water, improved Internet access particularly in rural areas, and improving our roads and bridges. Conservative business people tell me "why would I invest in New Hampshire, if New Hampshire doesn't invest in New Hampshire," and they meant these infrastructure issues.

Source: N.H. Journal on 2018 New Hampshire gubernatorial race Apr 24, 2017

Chris Sununu: Increase availability of baseload power; reduce energy rates

On energy: "The best way to reduce our energy rates is by increasing the availability of baseload power throughout New England. Our limited power supply into the grid is not sustainable and keeps rates too high for manufacturing companies to succeed. All options for increasing power supply must be brought to the table but implemented with New Hampshire's best interests."
Source: on 2016 New Hampshire Gubernatorial race Aug 31, 2016

Colin Van Ostern: Expand solar energy by hike in renewable 'net metering' cap

Van Ostern calls for hike in renewable 'net metering' cap. A Democrat running for governor called to quickly raise and possibly eliminate the limit on how much renewable power consumers can sell back to the state's utilities: "Solar energy projects in New Hampshire are critical for growing good jobs, boosting our clean tech economy, limiting future energy costs, and protecting our state's beautiful environment and unique quality of life," Van Ostern said in a statement.
Source: 2016 New Hampshire gubernatorial website Jul 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Half a billion solar panels in first 4 years

Q: There are three big lifts that you've talked about: immigration, gun reform, climate change. What do you do first?

CLINTON: Well, I don't accept that premise. I think that we've got so much business we have to do. We've talked a lot tonight about what we're against. But I'm for a lot of things. I don't want to just stop bad things from happening, I want to start good things from happening. And I believe, if I'm so fortunate to get the nomination, I will begin to work immediately on putting together an agenda, beginning to talk with members of Congress and others about how we can push forward. I want to have half a billion more solar panels deployed, the first four years. I want to have enough clean energy to power every home the next four years. I want us to keep working on the Affordable Care Act, to get not only to 100 percent coverage, but bring down the costs of prescription drugs and out-of-pocket costs.

Source: MSNBC Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire Feb 4, 2016

Mark Connolly: Move away from fossil fuels; oppose Northern Pass line

Connolly advocated for a move away from fossil fuels, but said communities should have the power to determine which energy projects take up residence in town.

Connolly doesn't support the current Northern Pass proposal to run a 192-mile transmission line through New Hampshire. He said more of the project should be buried.

On the proposed Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline, Connolly said the project shouldn't be built if the energy developer can't convince local communities the pipeline should come through. "We have to have the communities accept any kind of infrastructure in their towns," he said.

Source: Concord Monitor on 2016 New Hampshire gubernatorial race Nov 6, 2015

Bob Smith: No subsidies for wind and solar

Question topic: Governments should pay to develop wind and solar energy solutions when these are not economically feasible.

Smith: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Scott Brown: Keystone XL should be included in energy efficiency bill

A new ad by the Senate Majority PAC is hitting Scott Brown for reportedly lobbying to kill his opponent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's energy efficiency bill in the Senate: "A rare moment in Congress. A bipartisan bill readies for passage in the Senate. Jeanne Shaheen's energy efficiency bill to create jobs and save billions, supported by businesses across New Hampshire," states the ad. "But news accounts report that Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown lobbied Republican leaders to kill the bill--hurting Shaheen and helping himself gain another Senate seat," the ad says.

Brown's campaign defended the candidate's visit to Capitol Hill days before the Senate voted on the energy efficiency bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) had offered Republicans a stand-alone vote on the Keystone XL pipeline if the energy efficiency bill passed, but Brown expressed concerns that Keystone wasn't going to be included as an amendment.

Source: The Hill e-zine PacWatch on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race May 22, 2014

Karen Testerman: End the war on coal: keep electrical generating plants

Here in New Hampshire, our electricity supply and jobs are under attack. Hundreds of jobs are now at risk at New Hampshire's 440-megawatt coal-powered Merrimack Station electricity generator in Bow, as well as Schiller Station's two 50-megawatt coal-fired generating plants in Portsmouth. America needs to elect representatives in Congress in 2014 with the courage to stop the liberal war on coal.

New Hampshire recently spent $450 million on scrubbers that make burning coal much cleaner at Merrimack Station. Yet unless we send common-sense congressmen and senators to Washington, those good jobs and our household utility bills are still at risk.

Source: WND Weekly on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race Oct 31, 2013

Karen Testerman: Carbon dioxide causes plants to thrive, not global warming

Obama and his congressional foot soldiers want to reduce carbon dioxide--the gas that plants need to grow and thrive. They are acting on the hypothesis that human activities are the cause of Earth's rising climate temperatures. That hypothesis, however, has all but been debunked, with the report that ice in the Arctic region actually grew from 2012 to 2013 by an additional one million square miles.

Obama and the "climate-change" imaginers rely solely on predictive computer models as their only basis for blaming humans for global warming. Yet those computer models fail to predict temperatures in the real world. The models don't work. However, the computers models are the only reason to believe that human activities affect climate. We know the models are defective, but there is nothing else.

Source: WND Weekly on 2014 New Hampshire Senate race Oct 31, 2013

Rick Santorum: Out of office, I stayed in the fray to defeat cap-and-trade

PAUL: Where did Santorum make his living after [leaving the Senate]? He became a high-powered lobbyist in Washington, D.C. And he has done quite well.

SANTORUM: I was known in Washington, D.C., as a "cause guy." I care deeply about this country and about the causes that I think are at the core of this country. When I left the US Senate, I got involved in causes that I believe in. I was asked by a health care company to be on their board of directors. Now, I don't know whether you think board of directors are lobbyists. They're not. I also worked for a coal company. When I left the Senate, one of the big issues on the table was cap-and-trade, global warming, and I wanted to stay involved in the fray. So I contacted a local coal company from my area, and I said, look, I want to join you in that fight. I want to work together with you. I want to help you in any way I can to make sure we defeat cap-and-trade. And so I engaged in that battle. And I'm very proud to have engaged in that battle.

Source: WMUR 2012 GOP New Hampshire debate Jan 7, 2012

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