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Joe Cervantes: Underfunding, lack of reform leads to more crime

Q: How do you intend to reduce crime?

A: This administration has cut funding to courts, district attorneys and corrections, leading to the dismissal of cases and the uncertainty of prosecution and punishment. Underfunding of courts and law enforcement leads to the uncontrolled crime we're experiencing. The answer to how we address crime requires a better functioning court system, a better functioning prosecution, predictable arrests and appropriate sentencing.

Source: NM Political Report on 2018 New Mexico Gubernatorial race Jul 7, 2017

Susana Martinez: Collect DNA from felons

We funded bold education reform; passed stricter penalties on repeat DWI offenders; expanded Katie's law to collect DNA from felons; passed Jaydon's Law to give judges the entire criminal history of offenders; protected victims of sexual assault with Rachael's Law; and ended the dangerous practice of giving drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. We can address challenges while protecting the progress we've made.
Source: 2017 State of the State address to New Mexico Legislature Jan 17, 2017

Susana Martinez: Do away with bail for dangerous criminals

Every judge should have real-time access to the criminal background and history of defendants who appear in their courtrooms--so that sentencing and bail decisions can be made with that information. And we need to amend our Constitution to allow judges to keep the most dangerous criminals in jail--without bail.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to New Mexico legislature Jan 19, 2016

Susana Martinez: Beef up three strikes law, allow for curfews

Look at our three strikes law. It sounds tough, but it was worded so that it didn't mean anything. No one has ever been incarcerated under that law. Let's put real teeth into it, so we can keep those who commit repeated violent felonies--who repeatedly prey on innocent families--behind bars for life. In addition, skipping out on parole should be a 4th degree felony, and I fully support the bipartisan effort to allow local communities to adopt curfews if it's necessary to keep us safe.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to New Mexico legislature Jan 19, 2016

Susana Martinez: Mandatory prison time for child abuse

I have spent my life and career helping those who had no voice, particularly children who had been the victim of senseless cruelty, violence, and abuse. I am asking you to join me in standing up for those who are unable to stand for themselves. I'm asking you to increase penalties for child abuse.

Those who abuse children should face severe penalties and mandatory prison time. We must always put justice for victims first. And we are going to change the law and fight to ensure that no one is able to murder someone in our state and get off easy--or get away with it completely--by simply running out the clock.

I am confident we can work together to solve other pressing public safety needs--strengthening Megan's Law to ensure sex offenders cannot live in secret in our neighborhoods, allowing Amber Alerts to be issued when relatives abduct a child and put them in harm's way, and ending the practice of providing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Source: 2012 New Mexico State of the State Address Jan 17, 2012

Bill Richardson: Toughened DWI and sex offender laws

We toughened DWI and sex offender laws by passing stronger penalties. DWI is a non-partisan crisis in New Mexico, and the human toll cuts across party lines, ethnicity, economic status - it is devastating, and unacceptable. I propose multiple DWI offenders forfeit their vehicles-let’s take the weapons out of their hands. My DWI package contains stronger penalties for those who drive drunk with children in the car. And there are new, serious penalties for those who provide alcohol to our children.
Source: 2004 State of the State speech to the New Mexico Legislature Jan 20, 2004

Bill Richardson: Domestic violence incidents start with drinking

Our problems with alcohol abuse aren’t limited to DWI. Experts report the majority of domestic violence incidents start with, or are exacerbated by drinking. That’s why my proposals incorporate domestic violence into increased training for law enforcement officers, tougher penalties for offenders, and increasing treatment options to deal with the underlying problems. I also want to amend our stalking and harassment laws to prohibit electronic, or “cyber” stalking.
Source: 2004 State of the State speech to the New Mexico Legislature Jan 20, 2004

John Sanchez: Reduce age for prosecuting youth offenders from 15 to 13

Sanchez sponsored legislation to change the ages for criminal prosecution.

Excerpts from legislation: HB431 Serious Youthful Offenders Age Designation: AN ACT relating to juvenile justice: BE IT ENACTED:

Source: New Mexico legislative voting record on HB431 Jul 1, 2002

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