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Patricia Morgan: Over-regulation hurt RI business; do cost-benefit analysis

For over a decade Rhode Island has ranked at or near the bottom of Forbes's "Best States for Business" index. Over-regulation, harmful state laws, escalating energy costs and other damaging policies have depressed our economy and its ability to create well-paying jobs. In an effort to counter such business disincentives, in 2012, Patricia co-sponsored H8024, a bill requiring a cost/benefit analysis and periodic review of all regulations governing or impacting small businesses.
Source: on Rhode Island voting record H8024 Mar 21, 2018

Bobby Nardolillo: Rationalize onerous federal regulations

For a decade the US Federal Government has burdened our economy with more and more overhead requirements. It is high time we changed that!

One Overhead Expense with which businesses have to deal is government regulation. Without question we have to create specifications for a safe work place. When permissible levels of non-toxic chemicals in the work environment are tightened from Parts per Million to Parts per Billion, however, the dramatic increase in cost to do that is borne on the backs of our businesses.

I believe government can rationalize many of the onerous regulations it has imposed without doing any harm whatsoever to the health and safety of its citizens or the quality of its natural environment. With your help I will take my place as your spokesperson in the US Senate and begin implementing these needed changes.

Source: 2018 Rhode Island Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2018

Mark Zaccaria: Senate bank regulators are too cozy with regulated banks

Zaccaria accused Reed, who is a member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, of being too cozy with the banking industry: "The people that he regulates have been very generous to him."

During his campaign, Zaccaria said, he will also lay out Reed's "anti-economy and anti-business stands," and how much his support for the Affordable Care Act--known as ObamaCare--threaten to "cost the average Rhode Islander."

Source: Providence Journal on 2014 Rhode Island Senate race Jun 24, 2014

Jack Reed: Postpone sequestration; then balanced taxes & cuts

Q: Are across-the-board cuts going into effect due to sequestration?

REED: These are serious challenges to the military. I don't think it has to happen; [there is] proposed legislation that would defer the sequestration to next year. It would be paid for in a balanced way by additional revenue as well as additional reduction in spending.

Q: Tax hikes?

REED: Indeed. And that, I think, is the way to proceed, avoiding the blunt across-the-board cuts and also giving us chance to get back into regular order, proposing a budget, doing an appropriations bill. The sequestration will preempt us from getting a budget done.

Q: It's always that you guys need more time and that--can we put it off until next year. Answer me this: if these cuts not just go into effect but are allowed to stay in effect, will the U.S. be less safe as a result of these across-the-board cuts?

REED: Even if you give flexibility, you still have significant reduction. It's not just defense. It's education, it's border security.

Source: CNN SOTU 2013 interview on 2014 Rhode Island Senate race Feb 17, 2013

Donald Carcieri: We cannot sustain the present level of spending

A week from today, I will submit my budget for fiscal year 2011. It will be balanced--without raising taxes! But it will require significant changes at both the state and local level. Make no mistake about it; we are going to have to find more structural ways to reduce spending at the municipal level! We cannot sustain the present level of spending; we simply do not have the revenues.
Source: Rhode Island 2010 State of the State Address Jan 26, 2010

Lincoln Almond: $325M tax cuts & business incentives to attract investment

We’ve strengthened our economy. That’s enabled us to cut the income tax for the fourth year in a row and we’ll do it again this year. All told, we’ll ease the tax burden on families by $204 million dollars. And when you tally up all of the incentives we’ve put in place for business, it’s over $121 million. That’s encouraging existing companies to expand, and it’s attracting new investment to our state.
Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Rhode Island Legislature Feb 7, 2001

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