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Jim Justice: God is responsible for miracle of West Virginia

And every day--the definition of coincidence--an everyday occurrence in which God chooses to remain anonymous. Think about it. How in the world could a little state that's the poorest, how in the world could we absolutely charge to the front like we've charged? How right behind all of that could we have handled what we handled in Covid like we've handled it? I'm telling you it is truly the miracle of West Virginia.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to West Virginia legislature Feb 10, 2021

Ben Salango: Focused on public service rather than self-service

West Virginia needs a governor who is focused on public service rather than self-service. As a lawyer, I've always fought for the little guy and stood up against corruption and waste. As a county commissioner, I've worked to make the Kanawha Valley a better place for residents to live and work by diversifying the economy, supporting law enforcement and public safety, and helping small businesses.
Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail: 2020 West Virginia Governor debate Oct 21, 2020

Ben Salango: Shouldn't have to sue governor to live in capital city

A lawsuit is pending before the West Virginia Supreme Court about the governor's lack of residency in the capital city. "I wasn't born wealthy. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth," Salango said. "We need somebody with energy, somebody who is going to bring new ideas, somebody who is going to move West Virginia forward, not somebody you have to sue just to get them to show up to work."
Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail: 2020 West Virginia Governor debate Oct 13, 2020

Ben Salango: Stop secret tax deals for public officials

As governor, Ben will end secret tax deals and tax breaks for public officials and their companies. He will force state officials toˇplace their corporate assets in a blindˇtrustˇandˇwillˇensureˇthat allˇcandidatesˇfor officeˇare current onˇtheirˇstate or local taxes.
Source: 2020 West Virginia gubernatorial website Oct 9, 2020

Paula Jean Swearengin: When we unite for justice, we can accomplish our goals

On unity: "No one person or election will solve the systemic injustices that plague our society," said Swearengin. "But, together, we can stand in solidarity with the cause."

"When we unite our fight for justice, we can accomplish our goals," she added. "We can end systemic racism. We can guarantee healthcare as a human right. We can ensure every person has clean air to breathe and clean water to drink."

Source: Common Dreams on 2020 West Virginia Senate race Jun 10, 2020

Richard Ojeda: Democrats becoming more a party of elites

Ideological orientation: The man was identified as a traditional democrat who strongly took steps to maintain democracy. He had a belief that democracy is drifting away and party is becoming more a party of elites.
Source: 2020 West Virginia Senate campaign website Jun 1, 2020

Paula Jean Swearengin: We need Congress to do right, even if breaking with party

We've seen representatives from both parties who are bought and paid for by big corporations. We have to work together to get things done, but we also need a Congress that will do what's right, even if that means breaking with the party. It means working with others to find real, lasting solutions. And it also means putting people over profits.
Source: The Herald-Dispatch on 2020 West Virginia Senate race Apr 4, 2020

Woody Thrasher: West Virginia is hurting, we need strong leadership

West Virginia is hurting. We need strong leadership. We're losing population at an alarming rate. We need our roads fixed. We need broadband and school choice. We need more and better jobs. We must protect the unborn and fight the drug epidemic. I'm a conservative who will always protect our values. West Virginians can have the American dream--do better than the previous generation and help our kids so they can, too. This is the West Virginia I see and I will fight for.
Source: Williamson Daily News on 2020 West Virginia governor race Mar 24, 2020

Woody Thrasher: If elected, I'll put my businesses in a blind trust

Justice has acknowledged he lives in Lewisburg, a city about 100 miles from the governor's mansion in Charleston but not far from his resort. "No other governor has refused to play by the rules like this. We just can't trust Jim Justice to uphold his oath of office. I'll put my businesses in a blind trust, focus 100% on serving as Governor & proudly live in the mansion, as our Constitution says," Thrasher wrote on Twitter.
Source: Dayton Daily News on 2020 West Virginia gubernatorial race Mar 5, 2020

Stephen Noble Smith: We get what we want when we unite, build power to take it

His first organizing experience came [at] Harvard. In 1998, he joined in a fight to raise wages for the school's janitors, cooks, and security guards. They planned a sit-in [at] the building housing the president's office. Within a year, the university increased wages and improved benefits. The experience taught him a powerful lesson: "You don't get what you want in politics by being smart or making good arguments," he said. "We get what we want when we unite and build enough power to take it."
Source: The Intercept on 2020 West Virginia Gubernatorial race May 18, 2019

Stephen Noble Smith: Wants to be an ally, not the face of any movement

Smith wants to be an ally, using his skills and influence to support the work of others. He does not want to become the face of any movement, because that usually doesn't work very well in the long term. "You don't get a Civil Rights movement led by white folks. You don't get a women's movement led by men. You don't get an LGBT movement run by straight folks," Smith says. "The people who are hurting the most are best equipped to heal their own pain."
Source: on 2020 West Virginia Gubernatorial race Oct 9, 2018

Don Blankenship: I'm Trumpier than Trump, despite Trump opposition

President Trump took to Twitter to tell West Virginia Republicans not to support Blankenship. Trump tweeted, "To the great people of West Virginia we have, together, a really great chance to keep making a big difference. Problem is, Don Blankenship, currently running for Senate, can't win the General Election in your State...No way! Remember Alabama. Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey!"

Blankenship reacted to Trump's Twitter criticism by issuing a written statement of response. "West he doesn't know me and he doesn't know how flawed my two main opponents are in this primary. The establishment is misinforming him because they do not want me to be in the U.S. Senate and promote the President's agenda."

Source: NPR on 2018 West Virginia Senate race May 8, 2018

Evan Jenkins: A proud ally of our president Trump

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed for the US Senate [and his GOP primary opponent Evan] Jenkins issued a statement:

"When Mountain State Republicans see Patrick Morrisey's name on their primary ballot this May, they will categorically reject his notion that WV's next senator should be a profiteering D.C. lobbyist beholden to big drug companies, Planned Parenthood, and--most recently--Steve Bannon. And with $1.7 million in campaign debt, Morrisey's loyalties lie with them--not West Virginians," Jenkins said.

"Primary voters will also remember that Morrisey refused to stand with them two years ago when WV Republicans overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump to be our next president--and they won't send Morrisey back to Washington at a time when President Trump and all West Virginians need a senator they can count on to represent Mountain State values. As a proud ally of our president--I am confident that my candidacy offers voters what they want and deserve in their next senator," Jenkins said.

Source: News & Sentinel on 2018 West Virginia Senate race Jan 26, 2018

Paula Jean Swearengin: Part of "Brand New Congress" to fight special interests

I am joining a team with hundreds of other candidates in a single campaign to rebuild our country. Brand New Congress candidates like Paula Jean Swearengin are completely funded by small donations. As a Senator, Paula will be free to serve, rather than fundraise and meet with lobbyists. Paula will work for all Americans without pressure from corporations and special interests.
Source: 2018 West Virginia Senate campaign website Jul 17, 2017

Shelley Moore Capito: Declined to debate with 3rd-party candidates

It's looking unlikely that West Virginia's two main contenders for an open U.S. Senate seat will debate again before Election Day. Republican Shelley Moore Capito won't attend a West Virginia Public Broadcasting debate Friday. Democrat Natalie Tennant, Libertarian John Buckley, Bob Henry Baber of the Mountain Party and Phil Hudok of the Constitution Party will participate.

Capito's campaign said the congresswoman will be on her previously scheduled bus tour. Capito and Tennant, West Virginia's secretary of state, debated last Tuesday in Charleston. Third-party candidates weren't involved. The two met for a West Virginia Chamber of Commerce candidate forum at The Greenbrier in late August.

They are seeking retiring Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller's seat. The Friday morning debate will air in the evening.

Source: The Associated Press on 2014 West Virginia Senate debate Oct 14, 2014

John Buckley: Former Republican state legislator

In the United States Senate race, the perception is that the contest is just between the Democrat and the Republican, with the Republican in the lead. Not so. When you cast your vote, you'll get a chance to vote for me, John Buckley, the Libertarian.

I'm the third candidate in the race. I'm a former Republican state legislator (elected when I lived in Virginia 35 years ago-- I was just in my mid-20's), now running on the ticket of the Libertarian party.

While politics is usually portrayed as a contest of Republican v. Democrat, conservative v. liberal, red v. blue, that's narrow, old-fashioned thinking. It's "analog" politics in a digital age.

Source: Charleston Daily Mail on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Aug 12, 2014

John Buckley: Elected as Republican to VA House; running as Libertarian

In politics, the voters are often far ahead of the political pundits. "Conventional wisdom" has to play catch up sometimes. That's what I think is happening in West Virginia this year. In the United States Senate race, the perception is that the contest is just between the Democrat and the Republican, with the Republican in the lead. Not so. When you cast your vote, you'll get a chance to vote for me, John Buckley, the Libertarian.

I'm the third candidate in the race. I'm a former Republican state legislator (elected when I lived in Virginia 35 years ago--I was just in my mid-20's), now running on the ticket of the Libertarian party. I don't fit the narrow mold of most political commentators. They just don't know what to make of me.

I'm for limited government and free enterprise; I'm also for peace and civil liberties; I support the freedom to marry as well as the freedom to carry. I believe in "live and let live."

Source: Charleston Daily Mail on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Aug 12, 2014

John Buckley: Cousin to William F. Buckley; long background in GOP

John Buckley, cousin to William F. Buckley, had a long personal background in Republican Party and conservative movement politics, including a stint running Young Americans for Freedom in the 1970s. He won a state legislative seat in Virginia in 1979. He lost his seat after one term and says that "by the early '90s I had soured on the Republican Party as a vehicle for expressing my political principles"--not because his principles had changed that much, or even that the Party's lip service stated principles had, but that no Republicans seemed to act on the free-market side of their message.
Source: Reason magazine Q&A on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Jul 24, 2014

Natalie Tennant: 55-county "Talk with Tennant" tour: represent W.V., not D.C.

Tennant, who announced in September her intention to seek the U.S. Senate seat being vacated with Democrat Jay Rockefeller's impending retirement, is currently participating in a 55-county "Talk with Tennant" tour.

She visited Raleigh County last week, and Tennant said the most common issue she is hearing across the state involves increasing flood insurance rates, which she largely blames on Rep. Shelley Moore Capito's actions. "What we've been seeing as we head around all 55 counties [is that] people recognize there is a clear choice between someone who represents West Virginia and someone who represents Washington."

As a notable example of standing up for West Virginia interests, Tennant said she played an instrumental role in ensuring justice was served when three elected Democratic officials tried to steal an election. As the chief election official, Tennant said her office conducted an 18-month-long investigation into the matter.

Source: Beckley Register-Herald on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Mar 2, 2014

Zane Lawhorn: We're seeping into era of chaos, as foretold in the Bible

Even with the onslaught of terrible daily news reports--from mass killings to natural disasters, to government shutdowns--there are some who deny that the world is becoming increasingly chaotic, says Zane Lawhorn. "You'll hear people rationalizing what's going on in the world as 'not all that different' from earlier times. The claim is that 24-hour global news programs magnify bad news in a way that's unprecedented. But I tend to view the bad news as just that--bad news," says Lawhorn.

"Our leaders can't work together; the government seems always on the verge of shut down--or is shut down; spending is out of control; socialist tariffs dictate what's to be our health-care system; maniacs with deadly weapons target public places on what seems to be a regular basis--and that's just what's going on within our borders. We're seeping into an era of chaos, just as foretold in the Bible." Now is the time for individuals and families to prepare for deepening chaos, he says.

Source: Albany Journal on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Oct 12, 2013

Pat McGeehan: Constitutional conservative: pro-life, pro-gun and pro-coal

McGeehan responded to Natalie Tennant's recent announcement to run as a Democrat for Senate from W.Va. McGeehan stated, "Natalie Tennant jumping in this race only adds another candidate who is far too liberal for West Virginia."

"West Virginians deserve a constitutional conservative who is pro-life, pro-gun and pro-coal. Career politicians funded by special interest money are part of the problem in Washington, not the solution," explained McGeehan. "Natalie Tennant is out-of-touch with West Virginia, and it's time to elect a Senator who will stand on principle and not with party."

"Harry Reid has handpicked his anti-coal, Obama-supporting candidate to run for Senate and it's time West Virginians stand together and say enough is enough," stated McGeehan. "Tennant's views align along with Barack Obama & Harry Reid--and we need someone who will obey their Oath of Office, not discard it."

McGeehan is the Tea Party favorite and has been endorsed by The National Republican Liberty Caucus.

Source: Huntington News on 2014 West Virginia Senate race Sep 17, 2013

Joe Manchin III: We can only fix things by coming together

Manchin repeatedly stressed he is working for West Virginia, and its best interests, as a senator in the nation's capital. "Let me make it very clear the only team I belong to is team America, and team West Virginia. I'm the most centrist senator in the Senate. I don't vote for the party, I vote for the issues. Always have, and I always will. I think West Virginia we have proved that you can only fix things by coming together," Manchin said.
Source: West Virginia Public Broadcasting on 2012 W.V. Senate debate Oct 3, 2012

Bob Wise: Treat citizens as customers of government, not as subjects