State of Maryland Archives: on Budget & Economy

Thomas Perez: Support small business, especially those needing extra help

Tom is committed to expanding opportunities to allow small businesses to grow as we all begin to recover from the novel coronavirus together. Tom also understands that diverse small business ownership is key to Maryland's economy and future. We must especially support small businesses in low-income areas and those owned by minorities, women, and veterans, as these businesses often do not have the same access to capital and opportunities to allow them to grow and thrive.
Source: 2021 Maryland Governor campaign website Jul 18, 2021

Thomas Perez: Ubiquitous, convenient transit needs to be a top priority

Maryland's future economic success is dependent on 21st Century transportation infrastructure. A well-planned, integrated transit system increases growth, expands opportunity for marginalized communities, and allows Marylanders to live wherever they choose, including to stay in their own homes, after retirement. Ubiquitous and convenient transit needs to be the state's top transportation priority. Early efforts need to focus on historically underserved communities and outright transit deserts.
Source: 2021 Maryland Governor campaign website Jul 18, 2021

Thomas Perez: Homeownership is the best source of affordable housing

Let's be clear, however. Homeownership is the best and biggest source of affordable housing. Tom's administration will make expanding homeownership and closing the homeownership gap the centerpiece of his plan for racial justice. Tom will create the best-in-the-country down payment assistance programs, work to get more people of color to become real estate agents and developers, fully promote Maryland's homeownership programs, and review the fees charged for new home construction.
Source: 2021 Maryland Governor campaign website Jul 18, 2021

Kelly M. Schulz: Help families and small businesses; restore our economy

WHY I'M RUNNING: Across our state, businesses large and small are still reeling after months of closures and restrictions brought on by the pandemic. I'm running for governor so we can continue to build upon all of our past successes and fulfill the great promise and potential of our state. Together, we can get Marylanders working, help our struggling families and small businesses, and restore and strengthen our economy.
Source: 2022 Maryland campaign website Apr 23, 2021

Peter Franchot: $5.5B in delinquent taxes; $1B in unclaimed property

One of the best parts of Peter's job is reuniting Marylanders with their unclaimed property. Since he became Comptroller, his agency has returned more than $1 billion to Marylanders through this program. Peter's office frequently engages in community outreach to encourage Marylanders to visit his unclaimed property database and learn if the State of Maryland owes them money.

By introducing new initiatives and investing in advanced technology, Peter's agency has been able to capture more than $5.5 billion in delinquent taxes over the past 10 years--ensuring that everyone is paying their fair share to allow us to make meaningful investments in schools, the Chesapeake Bay and community priorities. His state-of-the-art data warehouse has identified and collected more than $427 million in delinquent tax payments.

Source: 2022 Maryland gubernatorial campaign website Feb 18, 2021

Peter Franchot: Led record state investments to transportation projects

As chairman of the House Transportation Subcommittee, Peter directed record state investments to transportation projects across our state. He was among the earliest and staunchest supporters of the Purple Line rail transit project and was vital to the early progress of the critical public transit project.
Source: 2022 Maryland gubernatorial campaign website Feb 18, 2021

Peter Franchot: Reformed procurement system increasing accountability

Peter has used his seat on the state's Board of Public Works to bring about much-needed reforms in our state's procurement system, while ensuring that your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent wisely. Thanks to his leadership, our procurement system has drastically changed: a significant reduction in single-bid contracts, higher participation from minority-owned and women-owned enterprises, and increased accountability and transparency in the manner in which state contractors spend your money.
Source: 2022 Maryland gubernatorial campaign website Feb 18, 2021

Larry Hogan: COVID: $1 billion in tax relief and economic stimulus

Our top legislative priority is the RELIEF Act of 2021. This emergency legislation will provide more than $1 billion in immediate tax relief and economic stimulus for struggling Maryland families, small businesses, and those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But short-term emergency economic relief isn't enough. We also need to lay the foundation for strong, long lasting economic recovery.

Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Maryland legislature Feb 3, 2021

Robin Ficker: Improve transportation in congested parts of the state

He said he wants to improve transportation in congested parts of the state, including Montgomery County. "We're the largest jurisdiction, and I think having a governor from Montgomery County who's lived his whole life in Montgomery County will mean that maybe Montgomery County can be freed from transportation gridlock for once," he said.
Source: Bethesda Magazine on 2022 Maryland gubernatorial race Apr 1, 2020

Ian Schlakman: Stimulus better than market-led recovery

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stimulus better than market-led recovery"?

A: Strongly support

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate Aug 21, 2018

Ben Jealous: Rebuild economy that doesn't leave anyone behind

Make It In Maryland: Building A More Inclusive, Thriving Economy. Wage growth for Maryland's families have fallen behind under Governor Hogan and we need new leadership to create an economy that is truly inclusive and meets the needs of our state. As a businessman and civil rights leader, I know how to build an economy that leaves no family behind, no worker behind, no young person behind and no person behind who˙has˙paid their debt to society and deserves a second chance.
Source: 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial campaign website, Jun 26, 2018

Richard Madaleno: Tax credits to companies offering 50% over minimum wage

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate Jun 1, 2018

Shawn Quinn: Market-led recovery better than stimulus

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stimulus better than market-led recovery"?

A: Oppose

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate May 13, 2018

Tony Campbell: Mandate a balanced national budget and lower taxes

Q:Why are you running for office?

Campbell: I am running for the United States Senate to push an agenda of Equal Citizenship. Better schools controlled by well administered local education authorities instead of Common Core one size fit all national agendas. Promoting a culture of Success, not subsistence, where every Marylander has the opportunity to thrive. I will also work to lower taxes and mandate a balanced national budget.

Source: on 2018 Maryland Senate race Apr 6, 2018

Arvin Vohra: Free market and real growth is the answer

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stimulus better than market-led recovery"?

A: Strongly oppose. Crony capitalism is not the answer; neither is welfare. The free market, which creates real jobs, real innovation, and real growth is the answer. If elected, I will work to end all corporate welfare, all welfare for the poor, and all middle-class welfare (e.g. government schools).

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Senate candidate Mar 30, 2018

Arvin Vohra: Remove legal tender laws & stimulate the economy

When we eliminate legal tender laws, we allow Americans to spend money and accept payments in any form of currency they choose. This destroys the monopoly the Federal Reserve currently has, and abuses, on currency. When the Federal Reserve is not allowed to interfere, successful business practices will prevail, business cycles will be smoother, layoffs will be massively decreased, and the economy on the whole will prosper.˙I want to make this country fiscally responsible.
Source: 2018 Maryland Senate campaign website Dec 12, 2017

Chelsea Manning: Entire economy needs overhaul; human labor obsolete

The entire economy is going to need to be restructured, especially when human labor is obsolete.
Source: Twitter posting on 2018 Maryland Senate race Jul 28, 2017

Sam Faddis: Liberate the free enterprise system & economy will flourish

Q: What are the three main issues facing the voters in the State of Maryland that you intend to address and how?

Faddis: Jobs, the economy, and healthcare. Government shall create the conditions under which economic growth can occur and jobs can be created. Everything the government does should be laser-focused on that objective. We must eliminate unnecessary regulation to unleash the free enterprise system and stimulate economic growth.

Source: Special Forces News on 2018 Maryland Senate race May 31, 2017

Margaret Flowers: Federal Reserve is over-leveraged, like in 2008 crash

We seem to be at the beginning of the economic collapse predicted by many for 2016. The predictions call for a collapse worse than 2008. There are trillions of dollars more in high risk investments and central banks are over-leveraged. After central banks shifted trillions to wealthy businesses after the last collapse, they are now in a weaker position to respond to the next collapse. The Federal Reserve is leveraged at 78 to 1, for comparison Lehman Brothers was at 30 to 1 when it triggered the 2008 collapse.

The US commodities markets are at depression-era levels not seen since 1938. Wholesale sales collapsed creating an inventories-to-sales ratio that is the highest since 2008's crisis and as high as the worst in the 2001 recession. The ris

Source: 2016 Maryland Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2016

Martin O`Malley: Tax reductions & regulatory reforms to help job creators

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to listen to Maryland's hard working taxpayers and our job creators. The people of Maryland simply cannot afford for us to continue on the same path of more spending, more borrowing, more taxes, and politics as usual. It is time for a new direction for Maryland. Our administration will work to enact the necessary budgets, tax reductions, regulatory reforms, and legislation that is necessary, to ensure that we turn our economy around.
Source: State of the State address to 2015 Maryland Legislature Feb 4, 2015

Rob Sobhani: Morally wrong to spend more than government takes in

It is morally wrong and irresponsible for our government to continue to spend more than it takes in. As individuals and families, we have to work within our budget, and so should our government. We must cut programs that don't work, but ensure that we don't leave people who need them without safety nets. I oppose "across the board cuts" because they too often destroy the very goals we are seeking to achieve. Every department's budget must be reviewed to maximize efficiencies.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Oct 15, 2012

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