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Sara Gideon: Urged support for DREAM Act

Q: Create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, including "DREAMers" brought to U.S. as children?

Sara Gideon: Yes. Urged Maine's congressional delegation to support the DREAM Act, with conditional legal status for undocumented youth.

Susan Collins: Yes. Co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to provide a path to citizenship for "Dreamers."

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Maine Senate race Oct 10, 2020

Susan Collins: Co-sponsored bill for path to citizenship for DREAMers

Q: Create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, including "DREAMers" brought to U.S. as children?

Susan Collins: Yes. Co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to provide a path to citizenship for "Dreamers."

Sara Gideon: Yes. Urged Maine's congressional delegation to support the DREAM Act, with conditional legal status for undocumented youth.

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Maine Senate race Oct 10, 2020

Betsy Sweet: Pay for transition costs of new Mainers

Welcome Immigrants. State funding for communities to pay for transition costs of new Mainers--housing, English as a second language, social services--for a fixed period of time (5 years) until new residents have the ability to support themselves with new businesses and jobs.
Source: Connection: 2018 Maine Governor race Nov 1, 2018

Eric Brakey: We must put our citizens first

Immigration: Support "DACA" recipients, "Dreamers," who grew up here after being brought here illegally?

Brakey: Unclear on DACA. But says "We must put our citizens first."

King: Yes. Co-sponsored bill to create "a path to citizenship for Dreamers."

Ringelstein: Yes. "Make all DREAMers citizens."

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Maine Senate race Nov 1, 2018

Shawn Moody: Work with federal officials against illegal immigrants

Work with federal government to comply with federal law and prohibit sanctuary cities in Maine. Notify and cooperate with the federal immigration officials when illegal immigrants are found by Maine state law enforcement officers. Push for an end to any welfare dollars being used for illegal aliens. Crack down on employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants.
Source: 2018 Maine Gubernatorial race website Sep 1, 2018

Zak Ringelstein: Welcomes immigrants as assets to both society and economy

The American story is one of people coming to America with hopes and ideas and dreams. As has always been the case, our future prosperity depends on our ability to welcome immigrants with open arms. Immigrants start businesses at almost twice the rate of native-born Americans, create jobs, build new innovation, contribute to research, and are active members of American communities. I stand with all immigrants who seek to make a better life for their family here in America.
Source: 2018 Me. Senate campaign website, Jun 26, 2018

Chris Lyons: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens"?

A: support

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maine Senate candidate Mar 6, 2018

Eric Brakey: Secure the border and keep immigrants off welfare

Milton Friedman, the Nobel-prize winning economist, once said, "It is just obvious you can't have open borders and a welfare state." And yet, many in Washington believe they can ignore the fundamental laws of economics, inviting the whole world to America and signing them up for welfare when they arrive.

Let me be clear: this is bankrupting us. We simply cannot afford it. When French and Irish immigrants arrived here in Maine, they came seeking opportunities to work, contribute and live the American dream. There were not taxpayer-financed welfare programs for non-citizens like we have today.

Since that time, however, the welfare state has grown. Today, you can arrive in Maine and be signed up for welfare benefits on day one. This is not how our system should function. Our immigration system is not a welfare program.

I will fight for common sense immigration policy. We cannot afford open borders and a welfare state. Its time for real welfare reform. And its time to secure our borders

Source: Facebook posting on 2018 Maine Senatorial campaign Feb 8, 2018

Mary Mayhew: Slash funds for new immigrants & asylum seekers

The Legislature's Appropriations Committee is working its way through Gov. LePage's proposed 2-year budget, which includes major cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services. Among them is the elimination of state funding for the General Assistance program, and eliminating welfare benefits for many non-citizens, including new immigrants and asylum seekers. DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew told lawmakers those and other cuts are needed, so that DHHS can help state government reduce costs.
Source: News Center Maine on 2018 Maine Gubernatorial race Feb 22, 2017

Janet Mills: Condemns President's ban on refugees

Maine Atty Gen Janet Mills was among a group of the nation's leading Democratic legal officers who condemned President Trump's executive order restricting refugees from entering this country for 120 days, calling it "unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful." "We're not talking about people who are our enemies," Mills said. "These are people who have been friendly to the American government." She also called Trump's decision to give preference to refugees who are Christian "disturbing."
Source: Press Herald on 2018 Maine Gubernatorial race Jan 29, 2017

Bruce Poliquin: Legal immigration is good for America; illegal isn't

Support Legal, Not Illegal, Immigration: ACTION ITEMS: Legal immigration is good for America; illegal immigration is not. We should encourage individuals and families to enter our country legally, not the other way around. Our borders and ports should be fully secured to prevent further illegal entry. Then, we should reform our immigration system to control the number of new non-criminal immigrants who seek the blessings of American freedom and opportunity. The federal government should institute a system, backed by stiff penalties, to verify that employers only hire workers who are here legally.
Source: 2014 Maine House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Paul LePage: Build border fence as high as the Great Wall of China

[Gov. Paul LePage made a visit to a newly-opened call center in Bangor]; the audience was receptive, laughing at his jokes and nodding and clapping when he made comments about his no-holds-barred style and his stance on undocumented immigrants.

He insisted on calling them illegal aliens and explained that "what most people in Maine don't want to acknowledge is that the 'il' makes it unlawful," referring to the spelling of the word "illegal."

"They are going to our schools, and that's a real problem for me," said LePage, who is running against Democrat Mike Michaud and independent Eliot Cutler.

"If we can't build a fence high enough . we ought to go to China and see how they built a wall," he said, which got laughs.

Source: Bangor Daily News on 2014 Maine Gubernatorial debate Sep 4, 2014

Paul LePage: Welcome immigrants, but no welfare for legal non-citizens

Maine was built by immigrants. The energy and aspirations of our immigrant ancestors powered our mills, carved out our farmland and built our shipyards. Maine must always be a welcoming place for those who seek an opportunity to advance through hard work and self reliance. Despite our heritage, Maine is one of just a few places in the country that offers "welfare-on-day-one," for legal non-citizens.
Source: Maine 2011 State of the State Address Feb 10, 2011

Charlie Summers: No citizenship for illegals; yes temporary worker visas

Source: Maine Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: Has not often expressed views on illegal immigration

Immigration: Being that her state only borders Canada and is thousands of miles from the Mexican border, Palin has not often expressed her views publicly on illegal immigration.
Source: WMTW TV-8 Portland Maine, ABC affiliate Aug 29, 2008

Jean Hay Bright: Clamp down on undocumented workers via employers

At a time when our federal treasury is hemorrhaging red ink, we have millions of undocumented workers making undocumented money, paying no taxes, but using government services, from schools for their children, to the roads and highways to get to and from work, to the social services or emergency health care that they do not pay for.

Employers are the key The illegal workers and the employers who hire them are gaming the system. To stop this, we need to clamp down on employers who hire illegal workers

Source: Speech to Southern Maine Labor Council - Portland, Me. Mar 1, 2006

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