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Bill Waller: Served in Army National Guard & then on state Supreme Court

State Rep. Robert Foster and former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. faced off in the first debate of this campaign season. "The (state) commander-in-chief needs to be experienced, and needs to understand what the issues are," said Waller, underscoring his background with the Army National Guard, as a private practice lawyer, and more than two decades on the state Supreme Court.
Source: Clarion-Ledger on 2019 Mississippi gubernatorial race Apr 2, 2019

Jensen Bohren: Our vets don't deserve the treatment they have received

Veteran care is a cost of war, and should be factored into our military budget. No Vet should go hungry, no Vet should go homeless, and Vets should never suicide. We must support our Veterans.
Source: Facebook posting on 2018 Mississippi Senate race Dec 31, 2017

Tate Reeves: Honor Vietnam Veteran's service with 50th anniversary book

[Tate Reeves posted on the Tate Reeves Facebook Page]: Attention Mississippi Vietnam Veterans: As a thank you for your sacrifice, the state's Veterans Affairs Board is offering "A Time to Honor," a book commemorating your service in Vietnam. Contact the state Veterans Affairs Board for a copy. It was an honor to announce this project recently in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the war.
Source: Facebook posting on 2019 Mississippi Gubernatorial race Sep 18, 2017

Trent Kelly: Investigate wait time manipulation at VA hospitals

Last year the conscience of our country was shaken when whistleblowers at the VA exposed secret wait lists, created to deceive wait times for care and even covered up deaths as a result. In response, the 113th Congress passed and the president signed the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act (VACAA). While targeted reforms were made because of the VACAA, there is still evidence and instances of mismanagement and misconduct by VA employees.

Since the biggest scandal in VA history, only three employees have been fired for wait time manipulation. This is unacceptable. That is why I voted for the VA Accountability Act which provides the Secretary of the VA the flexibility to remove any VA employee based on performance or misconduct. The bill also provides greater protections for whistleblowers who are often scared to report issues because of fear of retaliation.

Substandard VA care is not acceptable. If you fail to do your job, you should be held accountable for that failure.

Source: 2015-16 House campaign website Jul 30, 2015

Chris McDaniel: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal

Question topic: The United States must maintain a nuclear arsenal that is safe, reliable, modern and numerically superior to those of potential adversaries.

McDaniel: Strongly Agree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Mississippi Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Phil Bryant: Veterans treatment courts: 2nd chance for convicted vets

As a former deputy sheriff and as a state auditor, I have helped put many criminals behind bars and had no regrets about doing so when necessary. Our family has experienced a violent crime that resulted in the loss of a loved one. I have attended funerals and memorials of slain officers and witnessed firsthand the pain of those mothers and wives. I have no sympathy for violent or career criminals, and I believe that any modification to the correctional system should put the victim first.

I plan to ask for the creation of veterans treatment courts to aid our service men and women who have made mistakes and want to get back on track. I believe we owe our veterans this special attention because they, more than most, have earned a second chance from their country.

Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Mississippi legislature Jan 22, 2014

Chris McDaniel: Why are Muslims never portrayed as villains by Hollywood?

McDaniel made [a comment about Muslims in the movies] during a 2006 episode of "Right Side Radio," a syndicated show he hosted before being elected to the Mississippi state Senate in 2007. The remarks were first reported by Dark Horse Mississippi, a local politics blog.

McDANIEL: It's funny how the movies have portrayed themselves lately and how the video games have portrayed themselves lately. There's one person that cannot be a villain in Hollywood, ever. One group that cannot be villains. Who is that?

CO-HOST: The Muslims.

McDANIEL: Yeah, isn't that neat? They'll go out of their way to find some Russian white guy that's just nuts, and he's the terrorist, which I've never seen that. But the Muslims, they've just disappeared from Hollywood's radar.

Source: Huffington Post on 2014 Mississippi Senate race Jan 14, 2014

Chris McDaniel: Waterboarding was effective on suspected 9/11 terrorists

In a promotional segment for his Christian conservative radio program, Right Side Radio, McDaniel commented on the merits of torture. He specifically noted the waterboarding of suspected 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was an effective intelligence-gathering tool:

"He wasn't gonna talk, was he? Unless something happened. That's right, something did occur: It's called waterboarding. Waterboarding is something they do to people to make them talk. It is torture, to the liberals. It is a fairly humane form of torture, if you could classify it as such. Here's what happens: You make the guy believe he's going to drown. And it's a pretty strong fear--drowning. Well this guy, Muhammad, he spoke all day. He spoke all night. Anything and everything, just let me avoid the waterboard. Because Muhammad apparently had a problem with drowning. And that worked."

Muhammad, who was waterboarded 183 times before the practice was discontinued, did talk, but not always truthfully.

Source: Mother Jones magazine AdWatch: 2014 Mississippi Senate race Jan 7, 2014

Roger Wicker: Robust defense spending for our national security

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and as a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, I understand the importance of robust defense spending for our national security and our manufacturing workforce. I will continue my oversight responsibilities in the Senate to ensure the Department of Defense can accomplish its mission.
Source: on 2010 Mississippi Senate incumbents Nov 24, 2010

Dick Cheney: Steady, focused, relentless campaign against US enemies

In the weeks following the terrorist attacks on America on 9/11, people in every part of the country, regardless of party, took great comfort and pride in the conduct and character of our President. From that day to this, he has led a steady, focused, and relentless campaign against the enemies who struck America that morning and killed 3,000 of our fellow citizens.

Not long after September 11th, one high-ranking al Qaeda official said, ďThis is the beginning of the end for America.Ē Itís pretty clear this terrorist did not know us. Itís clear the terrorists who attacked us did not understand the strength and the resilience of this country. And they, clearly, did not understand the determination of our President.

Source: Campaign speech in Jackson Mississippi Dec 15, 2003

Ronnie Musgrove: Favors death penalty for terrorists

In order to protect our state, we must adopt the recommendations of the Governorís Summit on Domestic Preparedness. We must also send a message to the terrorists--if you commit acts of terrorism on Mississippi soil, you will face the death penalty. I am preparing legislation to ensure just that.
Source: Mississippi State of the State Address, 2002 Jan 16, 2002

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