State of Nevada Archives: on Homeland Security

Adam Laxalt: Make Nevada the most veteran-empowering state in the nation

Our men and women in the armed services put their lives at risk every day to defend our freedoms. We must stand with them and their families while they are abroad and when they return home. Tremendous work has been done on behalf of Nevada's service members, veterans and their families in recent years. Governor Brian Sandoval made it a priority in his administration to make our state the most veteran-friendly in the country and he has the results to show for it. I look forward to building on his success.

As a veteran myself, I understand how crucial it is that our veterans receive the support they deserve. As Governor, I will continue to build on our recent successes and toward the goal of making Nevada the most veteran-empowering state in the nation.

Source: 2018 Nevada Gubernatorial website Jul 4, 2018

Brian Sandoval: Defy Trump's bad on transgendered people in military

This past weekend, a diverse crowd of nearly 300 from every corner of New Hampshire gathered together to fight for transgender equality and to oppose President Donald Trump's shameful decision to prevent transgender Americans from fighting in the military. Gov. Chris Sununu was not among the elected officials to attend.

Gov. Sununu recently came out against Trump's military ban, meaning he's okay with sending transgender citizens to fight to bring freedom to people around the world. Alternatively, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada ordered the Nevada National Guard to deny Trump's policy. Sununu should do the right thing and follow his lead.

Source: Concord Monitor (NH) on 2018 Nevada gubernatorial race Mar 6, 2018

Danny Tarkanian: Rebuild our military; it was severely weakened under Obama

Providing for our national defense is one of the few authorized responsibilities of the federal government, as outlined in Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution.

As such, I am fully committed to rebuilding our military, which was severely weakened during the eight years of the Obama administration. As President Reagan put it, we must always be prepared so that we'll always be free. In addition: