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Joe Biden: Coronavirus: Use Defense Production Act for needs

All the way back in January, the Intelligence Community indicated that this pandemic was on the horizon. The only thing you really make a mistake is going too slow. Going too fast, meaning providing the kind of help that is needed is not a problem. What happens if we make too many? That's a little like asking in World War I, we may make too many landing craft. We're going to have some leftovers. Get out now what can be gotten out--now, now, now. And yesterday, and last month, and last week.

We should be using the Defense Production Act to do whatever we need to do, whether it's the rapidity with which testing has to take place that you get a result, to actually getting the tests done, to investing in whether or not you have protective gear for our first responder

Source: CNN S.C. Town Hall amid 2020 primaries Mar 27, 2020

Elizabeth Warren: We need a strong military AND a strong State Department

Q: You said you wanted to bring home all troops from the Middle East and then you walked that back to say you want to bring home combat troops.


Q: How does that protect America's national security?

WARREN: Look, a president's first job is to keep America safe, and an important part of that is to have a strong military. All three of my brothers served in the military, and I understand how much the military sacrifices, how much their families sacrifice, and how much they are willing to put on the line. That means that we have a sacred responsibility to them, and that is not to use our military to solve problems that cannot be solved militarily. We are not winning in Afghanistan. We are not winning in the Middle East. What we need to do is we need to use all of the tools in our toolbox. We need a strong military. We also need a strong State Department. Those are our eyes and ears on the ground. They are our frontlines in diplomacy.

Source: 10th Democratic Primary debate on eve of S.C. primary Feb 25, 2020

Mike Bloomberg: We've stopped making weapons for the last war; good job

This is a dangerous world. And if we haven't learnt that after 9/11, I don't know what's going to teach us what to do. We have to do something, and I think the things that I've seen recently convinced me that the military today is better prepared than they have been in an awful long time, and that the monies they are spending on the war of weapons we need for the next war and not for the last, a common mistake that they're not making now.
Source: 10th Democratic Primary debate on eve of S.C. primary Feb 25, 2020

Jaime Harrison: Improve quality of care for veterans, including job programs

Jaime will hold the VA accountable to reduce wait times and improve the quality of care available to veterans. He'll increase access to mental health resources to treat PTSD and address the epidemic of veteran suicides. He will make sure veterans have access to job readiness programs that help navigate civilian life. And Jaime will fight for military base housing for those fighting for our country and their families. Jaime believes no veteran should struggle alone after serving their nation.
Source: 2020 S.C. Senate campaign website, Dec 12, 2019

James Emerson Smith: Honors veterans by creating job opportunities for them

James knows first-hand the leadership, teamwork, discipline, and skills embodied in our veterans. He will continue to expand economic opportunities for our veterans and will partner with businesses to create and maintain a pipeline so that the strengths of our soldiers are matched with the needs of our employers. He will also work to ensure that our veterans are able to receive continuing education so that they are competitive in and have access to emerging fields.
Source: 2018 S.C. gubernatorial candidate website May 2, 2018

Catherine Templeton: SC builds soldiers & embraces our heroes

In South Carolina, we build soldiers! When it is time for them to come home, we have to embrace our heroes with a sense of community that recognizes the experiences our Veterans have had, supports what they need as civilians, and capitalizes on the unique skills they bring to the table.
Source: 2018 S.C. Governor campaign website Mar 21, 2018

Henry McMaster: Stop the financing of international terrorism

2010: Created a partnership to stop terrorists and traffickers: In conjunction with the South Carolina National Guard and law enforcement launched an effort to stop the financing of international terrorism through proceeds from human trafficking and the sale of narcotics here in South Carolina.
Source: 2010 S.C. Gubernatorial campaign website Jan 11, 2017

Joyce Dickerson: Take action against neglect of our veterans

I am the wife of a veteran. Whenever I walk into a VA Hospital alongside my husband, one of the first signs I see posted is that of President Lincoln's promise: "To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan."

It breaks my heart to learn of the neglectful treatment that veterans from across our great country are experiencing. And in the worst cases, veterans have actually died while waiting for care from several of our VA Hospitals. With proper and timely care, these deaths may have been prevented. We are responsible for looking after those who have looked after us, protecting our freedoms.

Battling this kind of neglect of our veterans is why we need bold and courageous leadership in Washington. As US Senator, I can and will go to battle for our veterans and their families. You can count on me to protect President Lincoln's promise to our veterans. Let's take action!

Source: 2014 S.C. Senate campaign website May 15, 2014

Nikki Haley: We are a patriotic people; we love those in uniform

The hardest part of my job is the calls I make to the families of our fallen heroes, but each time I put down the phone, I am touched and amazed by the strength, the grace, and the pride with which these brave survivors handle the tremendous sacrifice of their loved one.

We are a patriotic people, South Carolinians. We love our state, we love our country, and we love our men and women who put on the uniform, who keep us safe. They are our parents and our children, our husbands and our wives, our mothers, our fathers, our siblings, our friends.

Tonight, there are 766 families across the state with loved ones in the South Carolina Army National Guard who are deployed and serving overseas, far from their homes. Our family shares a special bond with the military families of South Carolina. Like them, we know the pride of watching our loved one wear the uniform of the strongest, proudest nation in the history of the world--loving his job.

Source: 2012 S.C. State of the State Address Jan 18, 2012

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