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Phil Scott: Realign funding toward early care and trades training

Our current system is not working to the best of its capacity for our kids, parents, teachers, administrators or taxpayers. Our teachers and support staff work hard, but they are confined by a rigid, antiquated and inefficient structure that isn't evolving as quickly as technology, society and fiscal realities demand.

We must be honest about how we distribute funding. Our schools have 20,000 fewer kids than they did 20 years ago. We can no longer afford to allow so much of the nearly $19,000 we spend for each K- through-12 student to be diverted away from the child and toward empty spaces and overhead costs. This structural inefficiency also leaves too little of our $1.6 billion education commitment for investments in early care, higher education, and trades training.

I'm proposing a realignment of priorities to unify the system from early care to higher education and trades training. I'm proposing we increase investment in early care and pre-K by $9.6 million.

Source: 2017 Vermont State of the State address Jan 25, 2017

Phil Scott: $4M to state colleges; low tuition increases thru 2021

One area where Vermont consistently ranks as one of lowest in the nation is in our level of support for state colleges and universities. We have approximately 40,000 students in our higher education system. That's 40,000 soon-to-be professionals, who choose to be in Vermont. Whether they grew up here, or were drawn from out of state, we need more of them to stay after graduation. So, let's partner with our colleges and universities in this effort.

My budget proposes a base increase of $4 million to Vermont State Colleges. In return, I'm asking them to use this additional funding to support my strategic goals. They will work with employers to align degree programs with market demands, to keep tuition increases below inflation through 2021.

I am also proposing an annual increase of $1 million in base appropriations for both the University of Vermont and VSAC, to get more low and middle-income Vermonters the opportunities they need.

Source: 2017 Vermont State of the State address Jan 25, 2017

Phil Scott: Preserve school choice; improve Act 46 school consolidation

Scott's campaign website stated that he would refuse to sign any legislation that "increases the costs" of living in Vermont. It also asserted Scott would focus on ensuring political stability and included the following priorities:
Source: on 2016 Vermont Gubernatorial race Aug 31, 2016

Scott Milne: Rethink how government funds education

School spending. My property taxes are up more than 700 percent in 20 years, school enrollments are down, and spending continues to rise. The time has come to rethink how government funds education. It's a hard set of choices, and together we can bridge the partisan divide and do what's best for Vermonters. Read "Investing in Vermont's Future," my plan for Education & Economic Opportunity in Vermont.
Source: 2016 Vermont Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Sue Minter: Universal pre-K via public-private partnerships

Provide Early Childhood Education: As a working mother, I know the multiple benefits of early childhood education. Children are better prepared to learn, and parents--especially women--can earn an income. Children who have high quality early care and education are more likely to finish high school and continue beyond. With 50% of Vermont's children arriving at kindergarten unready to learn, we must do more to improve education and caregiving for our youngest children -- whose brains are already 80% developed by age 3 . I will work to implement universal pre-K and explore public-private partnerships to make high quality, affordable early education, and parenting support available to Vermont families.
Source: 2016 Vermont gubernatorial campaign website May 25, 2016

Bruce Lisman: Give school districts flexibility on resources and spending

All of Vermont's children deserve a high-quality education. As the son of a public school teacher and a graduate of Vermont's public schools, I understand this quite well. A quality school system is also essential for the state's economic growth and prosperity. Vermonters believe in the importance of public education, and have always generously supported it. But they want a school finance system that works as efficiently as possible, one that is fair to both students and taxpayers. As Governor, I would do the following.
Source: 2016 gubernatorial campaign website, Mar 6, 2016

Peter Shumlin: Publicly fund a college savings plan for each child

Despite having one of the highest graduation rates in the country, we continue to fall short getting more students the college education that is now a prerequisite to earning a decent wage. That's why I signed a bill last year to help families start saving for college from the day their children are born. My budget will ensure every child born in Vermont will receive a $250 contribution to get a savings plan started, and for low-income Vermonters we will double that to $500.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Vermont legislature Jan 7, 2016

Peter Shumlin: Provide free college courses for low income people

We need to make it easier for those who are working hard in low-paying jobs to get back to school. In partnership with CCV, Vermont State Colleges and UVM my budget will provide $2 million to launch Step Up, funding a semester of free courses and support services to help first generation and low income students get back to school.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Vermont legislature Jan 7, 2016

Shap Smith: Larger school districts improve quality & control costs

The Vermont House of Representatives today passed a comprehensive education reform package that proposes to address growing disparity in learning opportunities for Vermont's students, and places firm restrictions on local education spending growth. "Vermonters want property tax relief and greater equity in education across our delivery system," said Speaker Smith.

The House education bill (H.361) proposes to create larger school districts, promote greater equity in the delivery of high quality education to the state's prekindergarten to grade 12 students, impose a moratorium on unfunded legislative requirements, and cap spending.

"Vermonters asked us to pass a bill that will make a real difference in the classroom and on their tax bills," Speaker Smith noted. "The passage of H.361 marks the first step in a process to improve education quality, control costs, promote sustainability, and provide students with opportunities to succeed," he concluded.

Source: 2016 gubernatorial press release via Apr 2, 2015

Peter Shumlin: Dual enrollment for high school students to state college

Dual enrollment for high school students to state college To help move more poor kids beyond high school, I ask you to pass two provisions that you have heard me speak about before.

The first is dual enrollment. Over the past five years, state funding has provided limited access to Vermont high school Dual enrollment for high school students to state college the money follows the student and all Vermont students have access to this important program.

Let's also authorize an early college initiative aimed at expanding the number of students who simultaneously complete their senior year of high school with

Source: 2013 Vermont State of the State / inaugural address Jan 10, 2013

Phil Scott: Age-appropriate sex education in schools

I wholeheartedly support age-appropriate sexuality education in schools. I believe young people need guidance about the life and health consequences that come with the decision to be sexually active. For the same reasons, I also believe parents should counsel any woman under 18 who wants to have an abortion.
Source: Planned Parenthood survey on 2016 Vermont gubernatorial race Mar 15, 2012

Larry Drown: Strong Public Education

Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Jun 24, 2006

Matt Dunne: More funding for public schools & teachers

Source: Vermont Congressional 2002 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

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