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Ron Stollings: Coronavirus: $2m to prepare a plan now

Stollings, a doctor who is also running for governor, is looking for $2 million to help West Virginia's preparation for a possible coronavirus outbreak. "Where it comes from is not important," said Stollings. "It's just that we get some money, even if it's the rainy day fund." "I think it's really important for us to allocate this $2 million so we can get ahead of this coronavirus," he said. "We need to do something now. We need a plan now."

Two million dollars is a conservative amount, Stollings said in an interview prior to the Senate floor session. "We absolutely need to be thinking and planning for this coronavirus," he said. "It's a virus that's going to get out into the public. We can't stop it. There's no treatment for it. There's no vaccination for it. So mostly what we have to do is have a statewide plan and excellent communication system between all the health departments."

Source: W.V. MetroNews on 2020 West Virginia gubernatorial race Feb 28, 2020

Ron Stollings: Re-examine Medicaid reimbursement rates to medical providers

The state Senate quickly considered and passed Gov. Jim Justice's proposal to take $150 million out of current Medicaid funds to create a trust fund. Stollings asked whether the bill does anything to increase the reimbursement rates to medical providers for government insurance. The bill does not. Stollings, a doctor who is running for governor, has said those reimbursement rates need re-examination as hospitals all over the state struggle financially.
Source: W.V. MetroNews on 2020 West Virginia gubernatorial race Feb 25, 2020

Stephen Noble Smith: Create public option for individuals & local small business

Cap Drug Prices on Life-Saving Prescriptions by establishing a state-based Pharmacy Benefit Manager or PBM. Expanding Medicaid to include dental coverage. Reinstate and aggressively pursue "rate review," restoring the state's power to curb price-gouging among providers. Create a public option for locally owned small-businesses and individuals.
Source: 2020 W.V. Gubernatorial campaign website Jan 24, 2020

Jeff Kessler: ObamaCare gets thousands of the poor onto Medicaid

Kessler embraces the Affordable Care Act, saying that putting thousands of poor West Virginians on Medicaid is a positive. Kessler also spent considerable time during the recent legislative session speaking on behalf of labor, and that included organizing a rally of hundreds of union members at the Capitol.
Source: W.V. MetroNews on 2016 West Virginia gubernatorial race Jun 23, 2015

Bill Cole: Limit class-action medical malpractice awards to $500,000

Sen. Cole voted YES on a bill to limit Medical Malpractice awards to $500,000 even in the case of multiple plaintiffs:

Legiscan summary of West Virginia legislation S.B.6: