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Cold War mindsets should be abandoned

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Russia to negotiate with Ukraine in his first phone call with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin since Moscow attacked its neighbour. Xi told Putin that "cold war mindsets" should be abandoned and the security concerns of different nations should be respected.

He also said conditions in Ukraine had changed drastically. "China supports Russia negotiating with Ukraine to resolve the problem," Xi was quoted as saying. "China's basic position on respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries and abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter is consistent."

Source: South China Morning Post on Ukraine-Russia war , Feb 25, 2022

US ignored Russia's bottom line to keep Ukraine out of NATO

Putin said the United States and NATO had long ignored Russia's reasonable security concerns [about keeping Ukraine out of NATO] and repeatedly reneged on their commitments. He said the US and NATO had challenged Russia's strategic bottom line by advancing deployments.

China's assessment of the crisis is being watched closely, with Beijing in a quasi alliance with Moscow and both nations in an increasingly intense stand-off with Washington. Xi and Putin met most recently in February on the sidelines of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

After the meeting, both nations said they opposed the expansion of NATO, describing it as a cold war approach to international affairs. The two nations said no state should ensure its security "at the expense of the security of other states".

Source: South China Morning Post on Ukraine-Russia war , Feb 25, 2022

Supports party's goal of building a strong military

"Building a people's army that follows the party's command, can fight and win, and has excellent conduct is the party's goal of building a strong military."
--Xi Jinping in 2013

The official defense budget has been less than 2% of GDP since at least 2008, but as the economy keeps growing that's meant more money to pay for a modern military that's expanding its navy, air force, missile force and reportedly increasing the number of nuclear warheads it possesses.

"We will focus on building China's image as a major civilized country."
--Xi Jinping in 2013

China's rising economic power has dovetailed with a deterioration in its standing among Western nations. Pew Research Center surveys show attitudes toward China becoming more unfavorable in recent years. The reasons are numerous: human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, vagueness over the origins of Covid-19, trade wars with the U.S. and Australia, a border spat with India... and increasing hostility toward Taiwan.

Source: James Mayger, "Decade in Power" in Bloomberg News , Nov 10, 2021

Defend territorial sovereignty and land border security

China adopted a land border law, which will take effect on January 1, 2022, in an endeavor to strengthen its border control and protection. Through the enactment of this new law, Beijing appears to be signaling determination to resolve the border disputes on its preferred terms. The law sets an overall tone of resolve upfront, stating that China will "resolutely defend territorial sovereignty and land border security" while continuing to seek to settle disputes through negotiations.

To the extent that Beijing sees a close link between reinforcing a "common identity of the Chinese nation" and consolidating control over China's ethnic minority-populated land frontier, modulation in Beijing's current policy toward these regions may not be over the horizon. Beijing could invoke the law to close China's border to prevent the spillover of terrorism and extremism from Central Asia, an influx of refugees from North Korea, Myanmar, or Afghanistan, or the spread of a pandemic.

Source: Brookings Institution on Foreign Influences: "Border Law" , Nov 4, 2021

Beijing suspects US is behind protests in Hong Kong

For almost all of you, me included, it's hard to be against promoting democracy. We all love democracy. But if you're Vladimir Putin or if you're part of the leadership in Beijing, when the United States talks about "democracy promotion," that means toppling your regime. You won't be surprised to hear this: They don't like that in Beijing and they don't like that in Moscow. The Chinese believe that we're behind the protests in Hong Kong. You go to Beijing--you talk to Chinese elites--the idea that we're promoting democracy around the world, and especially in East Asia just drives them crazy because they think they're in the crosshairs. And you know what? They ARE in the crosshairs, because our basic strategy is to topple regimes all over the world, not simply because we like democracy but because we believe that whoever gets elected will be pro-Western so we're killing two birds with one stone. We're promoting democracy and getting leaders who are pro-American.
Source: America Magazine on Ukraine-Russia war , Sep 25, 2015

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