Bob Smith on Gun Control

Republican Sr Senator (NH; retired 2002)

Absolute right to gun ownership

Q: Do you support or oppose an absolute right to gun ownership?

A: Support.

Source: Email interview on 2010 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org Mar 4, 2010

I fought the gun grabbers in Congress for 18 years

The liberals are constantly throwing gun control legislation at us. For eighteen years in Congress I fought the gun grabbers. If elected, I will be proud to pick up the gauntlet again. For each and every year of my entire congressional career, I received a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America . I was the unchallenged leader in the Senate in defense of the rights of gun owners and I cannot wait to go back and give the liberals fits again on this issue.
Source: Campaign website, www.friendsofsenatorbobsmith.com Mar 4, 2010

No Brady Bill; problem is moral decay, not personal freedom

I have consistently opposed measures that infringe on our Second Amendment rights, like the Brady Bill and the semiautomatic weapons ban. Some argue that the crime problem is the result of too much personal freedom. I believe that it is the result of moral decay, the breakdown of the family, and a revolving-door criminal justice system. The solution is to punish the guilty, not the peaceful citizen who owns a gun for defensive or sporting purposes.
Source: senate.gov/~smith “Smith on the Issues” Aug 30, 1999

Supports rights of law-abiding gun owners

Senator Smith [supports] Second Amendment Rights. Smith continues to support the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners in America.
Source: www.smithforpresident.org/issues.htm May 19, 1999

Repeal infringements of 2nd Amendment rights

In Washington DC, the City of Takers, they are obsessed with taking away the right to keep and bear arms from innocent gun owners. We must stop them. The Founding Fathers were certainly right when they wrote the Second Amendment, which guarantees us the right to bear arms. I have been proud for the past fifteen years to lead in battle after battle on behalf of the rights of the gun owners of America. As President, I will repeal these infringments on our Second Amendment liberties.
Source: www.SmithForPresident.org/ “Annoucement Speech” Mar 29, 1999

Ease ownership, registration, & concealed-carry laws

Sen. Smith agrees with the following principles concerning gun issues:
  • Ease procedures on the purchase and registration of firearms.
  • Repeal all bans and measures that restrict law-abiding citizens from owning legally-obtained firearms.
  • Allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms that are legally owned and registered.