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Opposed reopening government, due to ObamaCare, not jobs

Michigan has the 3rd-highest jobless rate in the country, at 8.8%, and favoring a renewal of benefits may help Land broaden her appeal with the middle of the electorate after tacking to the right on the federal health care law. She signed a conservative pledge to oppose any funding to implement the law and later said she would have voted against a bill that ended the partial government shutdown in the fall.

The State Democratic Party Chairman said Land's stance on jobless benefits "doesn't pass the smell test" because she opposed the deal reopening the government, while Land said Democrats were the reason the benefits were not part of a December budget deal.

Michigan's two Democratic senators, Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin voted to move forward on the 3-month extension legislation. While Republicans plan to seek changes so the bill's $6.4 billion cost would not add to deficits, a Land spokeswoman said Land would have supported an extension regardless of whether the cost is paid.

Source: Mining Gazette on 2014 Michigan Senate race , Jan 7, 2014

Opposed deal to re-open federal government

Controversy surrounding endorsements by the antiestablishment Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) has infuriated some conservatives; for Land, the controversy illustrates the difficult balance she must retain between the party's two wings. She had positioned herself to the right of many Senate Republicans during the government shutdown. She signed a SCF pledge to defund the Affordable Care Act and opposed the vote to reopen the government. In other words, she opposed the very deal engineered by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

But she has also become the GOP's presumed nominee, and McConnell is hosting a fundraiser [for Land] along with 16 GOP candidates.

Land still believes voting to reopen the government was a mistake. But her campaign declined to say McConnell made a mistake by supporting the deal. "She's not going to get involved in any disagreement there," a spokesperson said. "She's working very hard to unite factions of the party so she can win a contested election in a purple state."

Source: National Journal coverage of 2014 Michigan Senate race , Nov 14, 2013

Federal shutdown was opportunity to address spending

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land would not have supported the federal budget compromise bill that lifted the 16-day federal government shutdown, saying the legislation was a "missed opportunity to address Washington's spending problem."

Land said she opposed the shutdown, but the budget process in Washington is "broken."

Source: MI Info & Research Service on 2014 Michigan Senate debate , Oct 17, 2013

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