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Public-private partnership for paid family and medical leave

Feltes said Senate Democrats [in the N.H. state Senate] will instead be prioritizing the opioid epidemic, mental health, child protection, infrastructure, affordable child care, affordable and workforce housing and education. "Senate Democrats know it shouldn't be so expensive to live and raise a family in New Hampshire," Feltes said. "Our economy should work for working families--not just the wealthy. We're all better off when every Granite Stater has the tools to build a good life, including a living wage, affordable education and job training, and paid family and medical leave."

He said this year's paid family and medical leave proposal is a public-private partnership. Moreover, Soucy will continue her fight to establish and raise a New Hampshire minimum wage by submitting legislation for the seventh year in a row.

Source: Nashua Telegraph on 2020 New Hampshire Gubernatorial race , Jan 3, 2019

Hire more DCYF caseworkers for family services

Feltes said the Division for Children, Youth & Families needs more employees because, he said, caseworkers are overwhelmed.

"The average caseload of a DCYF caseworker is supposed to be around 12 cases," Feltes said. "Currently, caseworkers in New Hampshire are handling caseloads of up to 40 or more."

Source: Nashua Telegraph on 2020 New Hampshire Gubernatorial race , Jan 3, 2019

Stop any effort to backslide on marriage equality

Dan will work to stop any effort to backslide on marriage equality. The government should not deny the personal marriage relationship between two loving adults. The simple fact is this: New Hampshire is a better place for having marriage equality.
Source: 2020 New Hampshire governor campaign website DanFeltesNH.com , Jan 1, 2014

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