Ron Estes on Government Reform



Five-year ban on members of Congress working as lobbyists

Changing the Culture of Washington: The insiders run too much in Washington. One of the biggest problems in Washington is the revolving door between Congress and the lobbying industry. Congressional votes should be based on the best interests of their districts and the nation, not on lining up a high paying lobbyist job. I support legislation that would prevent a former member of Congress from working as a lobbyist for five years following the completion of their term. This five-year ban would help shut the revolving door and lessen the influence of special interests in Washington. Also, I oppose special perks for members of Congress, which is why I support legislation that would require Congress to live by the same rules as the American people.
Source: 2017 Kansas House campaign website EstesForCongress.com , Apr 11, 2017

No holiday on election day; no same-day registration.

Estes voted NAY For the People Act of 2019