Tom Coburn on Homeland Security

Jr Senator; previously Republican Representative (OK-2)

Would have voted for the Patriot Act

CARSON: When he was in Congress, Coburn consistently voted against efforts to crack down on terrorism. When the State Department tried to push through legislation that would label terrorist groups like al-Qaida and prohibit known members of those groups from coming to this country, to seize their financial assets, Coburn led the opposition. The law enforcement techniques that Bush says are needed to crack down on terrorists who are already here - Coburn said as recently as last month he would oppose those things.

COBERN: I support Bush's policy. I would have voted for the Patriot Act. That's the kind of campaign we're seeing run. It's a campaign of half-truths and spin. We've seen it throughout. We don't talk about the real issues that are important to Oklahoma. What we do is we talk about undermining people's character and making untrue statements.

Source: Coburn-Carson debate on Meet The Press Oct 3, 2004

Voted NO on $266 billion Defense Appropriations bill.

Vote to pass a bill appropriating $266 billion in defense spending for FY 2000. Among other provisions the bill would allot $1.2 billion for research and development for next-generation tactical aircraft, yet would not include $1.8 billion in procurement funds for the new F-22 Raptor combat aircraft. The bill would also fund a 4.8 percent pay increase for military personnel. The bill would also allot $93.7 billion for operations and maintenance to be used to maintain military properties and spare parts that have been reduced due to overseas military combat missions.
Reference: Bill introduced by Lewis, R-CA; Bill HR 2561 ; vote number 1999-334 on Jul 22, 1999

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