Tom Coburn on Principles & Values

Jr Senator; previously Republican Representative (OK-2)

Carson is very bright, intellectually smart and advanced

COBURN: Carson is a very bright, intellectually smart and advanced young man. He carries himself well, he represents Oklahoma well, and I admire not only his education, (but also) his upbringing and his family.

CARSON: I know many people in Muskogee, which is the heart of this district that we've both represented and where Coburn lives. Whether they agree or disagree with his politics, they will say he is a strong Christian man, a good family man and that's the highest praise anyone can give.

Source: OK Senate Debate, on ChannelOklahoma.com Oct 21, 2004

Chose Alan Keyes over George W. Bush in GOP Primary

Q: Why did you think that Alan Keyes would make a better commander in chief than George W. Bush?

A: I thought his ability to speak with clarity of purpose was good and his ability to communicate was good. I supported Bush after that primary, which we all pick winners and losers in primaries, and then I supported Bush, and I would to this day. And he is my commander in chief.

Source: Coburn-Carson debate on Meet The Press Oct 3, 2004

Religious affiliation: Baptist.

Coburn : religious affiliation:

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Whatís an adherent?

The most common definition used in broad compilations of statistical data is somebody who claims to belong to or worship in a religion. This is the self-identification method of determining who is an adherent of what religion, and it is the method used in most national surveys and polls.

Such factors as religious service attendance, belief, practice, familiarity with doctrine, belief in certain creeds, etc., may be important to sociologists, religious leaders, and others. But these are measures of religiosity and are usually not used academically to define a personís membership in a particular religion. It is important to recognize there are various levels of adherence, or membership within religious traditions or religious bodies. Thereís no single definition, and sources of adherent statistics do not always make it clear what definition they are using.

Source: Adherents.com web site 00-ADH1 on Nov 7, 2000

Rated A by the Club for Growth, strong pro-growth & targeted race.

Coburn scores A by the Club for Growth, a conservative PAC

The GOP controls the Senate by just one vote. Even with todayís margin, the GOP doesnít have effective control of the agenda as the Democrats use the filibuster to kill pro-growth reform or crucial judicial appointments. The next Senate could confirm two U.S. Supreme Court justices.

If the Republicans do manage to pick up a few extra seats in the Senate, there could also be an ideological shift toward pro-growth issues. Right now, the balance of power is in the hands of the RINO Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter. With a seat pick-up for the GOP, plus the addition of GOP superstars, Olympia and Arlen would no longer be deciding votes. We could move away from watered-down Republicanism toward a genuine pro-growth agenda.

Members of the Club are economic conservatives, like-minded political contributors who are frustrated with the ideological drift of both parties today. Club members have a shared goal of contributing to and electing more Reaganites to Congress who are willing to stand for the issues like: cutting taxes, controlling federal spending, personal accounts for Social Security, ending the death tax, eliminating the capital gains tax, fundamental tax reform, providing true school choice and minimizing government's role in our daily lives.

The stakes are mighty high in the Senate elections. Thatís why weíre providing you now with our outlook for every competitive Senate race and a list of our top tier choices. The ďAĒ List Candidates make this list because their races are competitive and they are the very best on economic issues. The ďBĒ List Candidates are all in hotly contested races too, but they are not as rock solid on economic growth issues.

Source: CFG website 04n-CFG on Sep 21, 2004

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