Alan Schlesinger on War & Peace


Iraq needs a three-state alternative on the table

Q: How would failure in Iraq affect US policy?

LIEBERMAN: I'm not prepared to give up on Iraq and I'm not prepared to fail. Ned Lamont has embraced a proposal for withdrawal by July 2007. To me, that's not a plan for success, that's retreat and a recipe for disaster, and it will deeply hurt the American people.

LAMONT: Joe Lieberman & George Bush's stay-the-course strategy - that's the recipe for failure.

SCHLESINGER: What we have in Iraq is not a military problem, but political problem. The Pentagon has adopted my position-to put a tri-state alternative on the table. With self-government for the Sunnis, the Shias, and the Kurds, with a national council to distribute the oil wealth. I believe you'd then see sectarian violence go down to a minimum; the insurgency from Iran and other countries could be controlled; and our troops could exit in a staged withdrawal naturally, because there'd be peace there.

Source: CT 2006 Debate with George Stephanopoulos Oct 23, 2006

50% of troops out of Iraq by Nov. 2007

Schlesinger said Connecticut Republicans feel "betrayed" by Republicans' spending in Congress but continue to support Bush's decision to invade Iraq. He describes himself as "a true fiscal conservative" who backed the war but now wants 50% of the troops withdrawn within 12 months of Election Day. "I'd like the Iraq government to understand we're not there as a crutch," Schlesinger said. "And it's in our interest to be ready for the Iranian (nuclear) threat and not have as many troops deployed in Iraq."
Source: Brian Lockhart in Stamford Advocate Jul 5, 2006

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