David McReynolds on Homeland Security

Withdraw from Iraq; cut the military

Source: Campaign website, mcreynoldsforsenate.org, "15 Point Plan" Sep 29, 2004

Cut Pentagon budget by 50%

I urge the Pentagon budget be cut immediately by 50%, with radical further cuts each year. We face no military threat from our immediate neighbors, Mexico and Canada, and are protected by vast oceans from invasion. The American military now extends into every area of our lives, and I pledge to resist the militarization of this nation, this obscene continuation of a Garrison State so sharply denounced by the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower when he left office and warned of the military/industrial complex. Given the ads taken out in the New York Times by concerned business leaders worried over the misuse of our tax funds for unneeded military spending, my position only seems radical because neither major party is prepared to speak to it. I call for the closing of all foreign U.S. bases, including the base in Guantanamo, Cuba. I call for the end of sanctions against Iraq, Cuba and Libya.
Source: Press Conference announcing candidacy Sep 7, 1999

End nuclear testing; strive for zero nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons remain a grave danger and we must strive for an immediate end of all further nuclear testing and take immediate steps to scale down our own arsenals of nuclear weapons even as we engage with other nuclear powers to reduce theirs until we have zero nuclear weapons, and a sense of trust and verification which will give us assurance that no new weapons are tested and the list of nuclear states diminishes to zero rather than expanding to disaster.
Source: Press Conference announcing candidacy Sep 7, 1999

Take aim at the sacred cow of the military budget

We hear talk about the need to cut the federal budget-but no one is willing to aim a spear at that sacred cow, the military budget. We have accepted the militarization of our country to such a degree there is little opposition to seeing the ROTC program carried into our High Schools. We are not even ashamed of the fact our nation is now the world’s largest seller of “conventional weapons.” We hardly seem aware that our nuclear weapons program continues at full tilt, as if the Cold War had never ended.
Source: Open Letter to Friends and Comrades Aug 1, 1999

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