Jeff Beatty on Homeland Security

Republican Senate challenger

Restructure forces, larger, & for liberation, not occupation

We don't have a force structure that's designed to support an occupation. Didn't have it in 2003, and I would be surprised if we ever have it again. During the Cold War, maybe we had it. During World War Two we had millions of people in uniform. The Russians, who have occupied their share of countries--they had had millions of people in uniform. We only have hundreds of thousands of people in uniform.

Let's talk about what my take is on how our military should be used. I think that the American military is small, should not be, and it won't be structured for occupation. We should really be a military that when we use it, it's a last resort, but it should be used for liberation not occupation. When you do that you're able to go in, you try to keep as much of the host country infrastructure in place as you can. That's what we did after World War II in Japan, we kept a lot of infrastructure in place.

Source: Dedham Times Interview Jul 16, 2008

Served in Delta Force, FBI, CIA, and now runs security firm

Beatty served with honor as a former US Army Delta Force Officer and earned a Purple Heart. Mr. Beatty additionally served his country with distinction as an FBI Agent and later as a CIA Counter-Terrorism Officer. Following service, Mr. Beatty returned to Massachusetts to engage in the private sector and to offer his vast wealth of expertise to help protect American citizens. Mr. Beatty founded and now operates TotalSecurity.US which has helped provide professional consulting and security operations.
Source: Press release, "New Bedford GOP Endorsement" May 5, 2008

Supports Protect America Act: less FISA restrictions

Jeff Beatty says John Kerry fails on the "Protect America Act" and thus fails to protect U.S. citizens at home and U.S. Forces in combat. The original Protect America Act of 2007 amended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to provide additional procedures for authorizing the acquisition of certain forms of foreign intelligence information. This past week, Congress walked away from a bill to extend that capability as they went on recess. John Kerry voted against the new legislation.
Source: Press release, "Opposes Kerry's Vote On Protect America" Feb 20, 2008

Sow seeds, in media and publicly, to support our troops

I will suggest today, three seeds that we each sow that will help support our troops.