Mark Clayton on Homeland Security


Fight the neocon war policy that leaves us in debt to China

Mark Clayton is a traditionalist Democrat who hopes to unseat neo-conservative Lamar Alexander. For the last 20 years, neo-conservatives in Washington like Lamar Alexander have tried to bury the "American system" of states and economics in favor of war and economic policy which is foreign to American traditions and values. The success of neo-conservatives like Lamar Alexander has been a total catastrophe for all Americans and has left the US in massive debt to the Communist Chinese government.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website claytonforsenate.com, "Issues" , Aug 1, 2012

Immediate conscription of military "contractors"

Mark Clayton is:
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website claytonforsenate.com, "Issues" , Aug 1, 2012

Over-funded, unaccountable contractors rake in billions

The New World Order Boys like Graham and Alexander serve as senatorial cover for out-of-control, spook-style military contractors who neither answer to a chain of command nor are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

For example, before 9-11, the military contractor, Dynacorp, was alleged to be involved in an international child sex and rape ring. Republicans like Graham and Alexander sit up on Capitol Hill playing a fake game of Republican versus Democrat when the real issue is that we have over-funded, unaccountable military contractors raking billions of dollars who have been behind child-rape scandals, the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and wantonly gunned down civilian non-combatants. Rather than use their constitutional powers to restore order, senators like Graham and Alexander do nothing. And the more things that get blown up and the more people who get killed, the more money just a few contractors make. Meanwhile, American soldiers are on foodstamps.

Source: Press release: "The Old-School is Back " , Jul 31, 2008

Advocated killing or capturing Osama bin Laden since 1994

Q: What in your background would you most like voters to consider when making their choice in this election?

A: I lobbied on Capitol Hill on anti-terrorism issues, several years before 9-11, and from 1994 have advocated that America either kill or capture Osama bin Ladin.

Source: Interview questionnaire in the Greeneville Sun , Jul 18, 2008

War on Terror is just an excuse to cut Constitutional rights

Q: Please explain your viewpoint on the "War on Terror" in general?

A: America cannot afford any more debt to the Communist Chinese, nor can we afford, morally or financially, to be a global empire. Furthermore, the "War on Terror" is just a fruitless excuse to take away our rights and cut at our Constitution.

Source: Interview questionnaire in the Greeneville Sun , Jul 18, 2008

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