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OpEd: Campaign website devoid of views on foreign policy

Ever since 1972, when presidential candidate George McGovern ran on the theme, "Come Home, America," whenever the public is asked where they would like to cut federal spending, the one area that gets bipartisan support is foreign aid. Under President Obama, it's fair to say that our foreign policy now is pretty much what McGovern was proposing, but strong arguments can be made both for and against ending our role as world cop.

When we live in a world where a handful of terrorists could soon send a note with some authenticity to the White House saying, "Surrender today or we will nuke New York," or some other city, shouldn't somebody who wants to be a U.S. senator be thoroughly screened about their views on foreign policy?

Check out the campaign web sites of Franken and McFadden. Look under issues. Neither one has a word to say about foreign policy. Not one.

One would think a gratuitous sentence or two describing their visions for America's role in the world would be merited.

Source: Morrison County Record OpEd on 2014 Minnesota Senate race , Aug 28, 2014

Inaction abroad sends message that US will do nothing

Q: What is your opinion of U.S. policy regarding Russia and the Ukraine?

A: I'm very disappointed in the current administration in terms of their foreign policy. I think they've put the U.S. in a place where we are in a less safe, more dangerous position today that when they got elected into office. Let's look at Benghazi. A US ambassador was murdered. We had an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. We did nothing. Then we drew a red line in the sand in Syria. They crossed it. We did nothing. So no one should be surprised by what Putin did in the Ukraine.

Q: Do you advocate a more muscular US policy in this situation?

A: I advocate a more clear policy. I would have started in Benghazi. I would have sent a very strong message that we're going to protect our embassies. We find ourselves in a situation in the Ukraine. I would have immediately kicked Russia out of the G-8. I would consider taking the 2018 World Cup from them immediately. I'm a big proponent of economic sanctions.

Source: Minneapolis Post on 2014 Minnesota Senate race , May 12, 2014

Crisis in Ukraine came about due to Obama's indecisiveness

Mike McFadden (R-MN) released the following statement on the crisis in Ukraine: "I continue to be extremely frustrated with the lack of a clear foreign policy direction from the current administration, which has cost our country credibility on the world stage. It began when we failed to respond to the attack on our embassy in Benghazi and it continued when the President backed down from his "red line" in Syria. We have reached a point where countries don't fear us and our allies don't trust us," said McFadden. "Nowhere else is this more evident than with the standoff on the Crimean peninsula. This crisis in Ukraine would not be happening if the White House had a discernible foreign policy vision or strategy. But they don't. The only thing clear to the world here is our indecisiveness. And that's a recipe for serious trouble."
Source: 2014 Minnesota Senate campaign website, MikeMcFadden.com , Mar 5, 2014

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