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Comprehensive immigration reform ties into the economy

Both contenders said the economy and border security are major issues for the Desert Southwest. Carmona said, "Comprehensive immigration reform ties into the economy, it ties into jobs, it ties into a workforce that can go back and forth, so I will spend time on that."

Carmona said immigration reform will help boost commerce. "It's an important thing, because without comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive tax reform, our small businesses are going to continue to suffer," Carmona said.

Source: KYMA-TV-11 on 2012 AZ "Rural Issues" Senate debate , Oct 26, 2012

More visas for day-workers to enhance commerce

The focus of the debate was on rural issues, including migrant workers. The moderators asked Flake and Carmona where they stood on guest-worker programs. "We do need to revamp it," Flake said. "We simply don't have a program that's robust enough to take care of the needs that we have."

Carmona said comprehensive immigration reform should include visas, day-worker programs "that don't impede commerce but actually enhance commerce." They both agreed that border security needs to be stepped up..

Source: KYMA-TV-11 on 2012 AZ "Rural Issues" Senate debate , Oct 26, 2012

Dynamic interdiction plus prevention

Q: Immigration reform, what's it look like?

A: There are too many important issues that we have to deal with as a state and as a nation to be bickering about who's to blame for this. There are simple ways to solve this problem if we will allow the politics to be left at the door.

Q: You said it starts with a secure border. Explain that.

A: A secure border is really a dynamic concept. If you looked at the concept of a secure border 20 years ago, it was boots on the ground. As we've evolved we have sensors, we have electronic surveillances, we have drones, we have human intelligence working both sides of the border. So it's a lot more complex and layered system that protects our nation. So, do I know what will be best in five or 10 years? No, but I know that as long as there is demand to come here or to bring drugs in, people will always try to counteract our defense mechanism. The other side is, of course, prevention. It just can't be interdiction, it has to be prevention as well.

Source: The Sahuarita Sun on 2012 Arizona Senate debates , May 29, 2012

I was given an opportunity to succeed; so should others

I had my own version of the DREAM Act when I came back from Vietnam," he said. "I couldn't get into college. I am who I am today because Bronx Community College had an open-enrollment program for Vietnam veterans. And because of that, I became surgeon general of the United States."
Source: Washington Post, "DREAM Act" , Apr 26, 2012

Vitriolic 'deport everybody' message loses Hispanics

A new GOP effort led by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to produce a scaled-back version of the DREAM Act is nothing more than election-year politics, argues Democratic Senate candidate Richard Carmona (Ariz.).

Carmona had some blunt criticism for Republicans on the topic of illegal immigration. "Why do you think they're reworking their initial vitriolic, far-right, 'deport everybody' message?" he asked. "Why? Do you think that all of a sudden there's an epiphany and their hearts have opened up to people who are struggling? I don't think so. I think it's a political calculation--that they recognized they cannot win their races and stay in office unless they embrace the Hispanic community. So, I really feel it's very disingenuous."

The original DREAM Act would grant young people who were brought illegally to the US as children a path to citizenship provided that they attend college or serve in the military. Rubio's plan would provide not a path to citizenship but rather non-immigrant visas.

Source: Washington Post blog on 2012 Arizona Senate debate , Apr 26, 2012

Secure the border AND pass the DREAM Act

I have a unique perspective of the complexities of this issue--I'm Hispanic and have worked along the border as a deputy sheriff and doctor for more than 25 years. I've witnessed firsthand how our nation's immigration system is broken. I've seen the human cost of not having a workable solution. I've seen the results of the violence and drugs.

First and foremost, we need to ensure our borders are safe and secure. We need to overhaul our immigration laws and support a comprehensive approach that is practical, tough and fair. That means securing the border, cracking down on drug and human smuggling, punishing companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, and eliminating a nefarious labor market that exploits those living in the shadows of our society. We should also pass the DREAM Act that creates a path to legalization for children, who, through no fault of their own, were brought into this country at a young age, and are either going to college or have enlisted in the military.

Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, carmonaforarizona.com , Mar 15, 2012

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