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Policy Reports>>
Bill sponsorships, 2016-2018 (115th Congress major legislation)
Ratings on members of 114th and 115th Congress (Non-profit groups' candidate evaluations)
Bill sponsorships, 2015-2016 (114th Congress major legislation)
Bill sponsorships, 2013-2014 (113th Congress major legislation)
Ratings on members of 112th and 113th Congress (Non-profit groups' evaluations of voting records 2011-2014)
Early bills from 113th Congress. Bill sponsorships and letters from early in 2013 in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and Governors.
2013 incoming House Freshmen surveys. Newly elected U.S. House members from the 2012 elections, rated by numerous organizations. (Same without older survey comparisons)
2012 Christian Coalition voter guide. Newly elected candidates from the 2012 House, Senate, and Gubernatorial elections.
2012 Project Vote Smart: Congressional Political Courage Test.
Bills and ratings from 111th Congress and earlier (Bills 2009-2010 and earlier)
Surveys 2011: Latest survey update through 2011.
Surveys: Collection of all surveys in one summary.
2010 Christian Coalition voter guide. From the 2010 Congressional and Gubernatorial elections.
2010 voter guide. From "the nation's largest network of pro-family groups."
2010 Project Vote Smart: Congressional Political Courage Test.
Contract From America: 2010 House candidates' set of campaign pledges.
Contract With America: 1994 House candidates' set of campaign pledges.some
Additional Surveys and Notebooks.

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2008 Presidential contenders
2008 Senate Signature Issues
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2000-2006 Group Ratings
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Bill Sponsorships by 2008 Presidential Contenders:
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Barack Obama
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Former Gov. Mitt Romney (R, MA)
No Apology
Rep. Paul Ryan (R, WI)
Young Guns
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The Audacity of Hope
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Promises to Keep
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End the Fed

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America By Heart
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    This page contains several categories of reports which are signed by multiple politicians (although the politicians might not necessarily agree with each detail of the report's conclusion, they signed the consensus report).
  • Government Reports: Congressionally- or Presidentially-authorized reports, which are signed by the participants of the Report Committee.
  • Special Topic Archives: Specialty pages for easier reference (some repeated from the Authorized Report list, but in our "Archive" format).
  • Party Caucus Policies: Policy statements by a party committee or caucus. They also appear on the main Notes page, distributed under each topic; we include them here to summarize the statements in one place.
  • sources: This set of pages represents one of the three legs of our source materials: we use "Quotes, Votes, and Notes."
    "Quotes" are individual excerpts from politicians' speeches, books, debates, and campaign websites.
    "Votes" are from voting records in the US House and US Senate.
    "Notes" are presented here: letters, sponsorships, etc., from numerous sources.
    Party Caucus Policies:
  • RMSP Policy: Republican Main Street Partnership, centrist Republicans' policy statements
  • RLC Policy: Republican Liberty Caucus, libertarians' policy statements
  • CPC Policy: Congressional Progressive Caucus, progressive Democrats' policy statements
  • DLC Policy: The Hyde Park Declaration, centrist "New Democrats" policy statements
  • Blue Dog Policy: The Blue Dog Coalition, conservative Democrats' policy statements
  • CBC Policy: Congressional Black Caucus - policy statements
  • CWC Policy: Congressional Women’s Caucus - policy statements
  • Contract With America: Republican policy promises for the 1994 Congressional takeover
    Votes, Affiliations and Ratings:
  • Sponsorships: Congressional bill co-sponsors and "open letters" with multiple signatories
  • Memberships: Congressional committee memberships and their policy stances
  • Ratings: Independent groups' ratings of members of Congress
  • Rulings: Supreme Court opinions and dissents

WMD Report

    Report to the President on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, Mar 31, 2005
    -- About the WMD Report: membership list from the Presidential commission

  1. Government Reform: Rethink flawed Presidential daily intelligence briefings
  2. War & Peace: CIA assessments on Iraqi WMDs were all wrong
  3. War & Peace: Belief in Iraqi nukes was poor analysis of aluminum tubes
  4. War & Peace: Belief in Iraqi biological WMDs was based on one unreliable person
  5. War & Peace: Belief in Iraqi chemical WMDs was based on flawed imagery
  6. War & Peace: Iraq never had delivery systems to attack US mainland
  7. Homeland Security: Innovate intelligence-gathering for future hard targets
  8. Homeland Security: CIA never questioned assumption that Saddam had WMDs
  9. Government Reform: CIA yielded to conventional wisdom, not political pressure
  10. Foreign Policy: Libyan disarmament was a CIA success story
  11. Homeland Security: Assessments of al Qaida in Afghanistan in 2001 were accurate
  12. Homeland Security: CIA needs more focus on counterterrorism
  13. War & Peace: Conclusions on Iran and North Korea are all classified
  14. Homeland Security: So-called Legal Issues are myths; not real CIA hindrances
  15. Homeland Security: Intelligence community shares information poorly
  16. Homeland Security: CIA should work more with scientists to understand WMDs

Senate Intelligence Committee

    Report on leadup to the Iraq War, May 8, 2004
    -- About the SIC: membership list from the United States Senate standing committee

  1. War & Peace: CIA mischaracterized Iraq WMD & abused intelligence position
  2. Homeland Security: Hiding sources made post-9-11 analysis impossible
  3. War & Peace: CIA knew State of the Union Iraq-Niger connection was false
  4. War & Peace: Iraq was not reconstituting its nuclear program
  5. War & Peace: Iraq was not developing its biological weapons program
  6. War & Peace: Iraq was not developing its chemical weapons program
  7. War & Peace: Iraq was developing missiles, but not to reach the US
  8. Homeland Security: CIA depends too heavily on defectors & not enough on HUMINT
  9. Homeland Security: Administration did not pressure CIA on WMD conclusions
  10. War & Peace: Iraq-al-Qaida contacts, but no complicity or assistance

The 9/11 Commission Report

    Investigation of the events of September 11, 2001, released Mar 23, 2004.
    -- About the 9-11 Report: membership list from the federal government commission

  1. Homeland Security: Focus on potential terrorist sanctuaries like Saudi Arabia
  2. Foreign Policy: Make a long-term commitment to supporting Pakistan
  3. Foreign Policy: Expand Saudi relations from oil to anti-extremism
  4. Homeland Security: US majority support among Muslims on 9-11 collapsed by 2003
  5. Homeland Security: Must defeat ideology of terrorism, not Muslim people
  6. Foreign Policy: Multilateral coalition for Muslim youth outreach
  7. Homeland Security: Support "Cooperative Threat Reduction" on Soviet nukes
  8. Homeland Security: Continue targeting terrorist financing; add terrorist travel
  9. Immigration: Screen for individual terrorists at borders, no profiling
  10. Homeland Security: Guidelines, supervision, & oversight of new security powers
  11. Technology: Fund better communications between emergency responders
  12. Government Reform: Replace CIA director with new National Intelligence Czar
  13. Homeland Security: Several missed opportunities to disrupt 9/11 hijackers
  14. Government Reform: End secrecy about national intelligence appropriations
  15. Government Reform: Replace "need-to-know" culture with "need-to-share"
  16. Government Reform: Congressional oversight for intelligence is dysfunctional
  17. Government Reform: No new domestic intelligence agency--use FBI
  18. Homeland Security: Several missed opportunities to disrupt 9/11 hijackers
  19. Homeland Security: Most important failure on 9/11 was one of imagination

Energy Policy Report

    Report of the National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPD, chaired by V.P. Dick Cheney) - May 2, 2001
    -- About the NEPD: membership list and mission

  1. Energy & Oil: Tax credits & more funding for renewable energy research
  2. Energy & Oil: Open small fraction of ANWR for regulated production
  3. Energy & Oil: Long-term energy stability avoids high-polluting emergencies
  4. Welfare & Poverty: Promote energy security with more LIHEAP spending

RMSP Policy

    Republican Main Street Partnership, centrist Republicans' policy statements
    -- About the RMSP: membership list and mission

  1. Free Trade: Promote the Andean Free Trade Agreement
  2. Environment: Supports grants for brownfields remediation
  3. Environment: Make EPA into a Cabinet department
  4. Health Care: Tax credits for those without employee health insurance
  5. Health Care: Tax deduction for long-term care insurance
  6. Health Care: Support telemedicine for underserved areas
  7. Health Care: $350 billion for prescriptions for poor seniors
  8. Civil Rights: Require 90 day delay for compliance before ADA lawsuits
  9. Civil Rights: Limit interstate class-action lawsuits to federal courts

CPC Policy

    Congressional Progressive Caucus, progressive Democrats' policy statements
    -- About the CPC: membership list and mission

  1. Energy & Oil: Regulate wholesale electricity & gas prices
  2. Tax Reform: American People's Dividend: Give $300 to every person
  3. Health Care: MEDS Plan: Cover senior Rx under Medicare
  4. Free Trade: No MFN for China; condition trade on human rights
  5. Health Care: Make health care a right, not a privilege
  6. Welfare & Poverty: Reduce the concentration of wealth & wage inequality

Blue Dog Policy

    The Blue Dog Coalition, conservative Democrats' policy statements
    -- About the Blue Dogs: membership list and mission; 110th Congress membership

  1. Energy & Oil: Balance fossil fuels and viable renewable energy
  2. Budget & Economy: Retire half the public debt in 5 years
  3. Tax Reform: 50-25-25 budget formula for debt-tax cuts-spending
  4. Government Reform: Supports Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform
  5. Social Security: Strengthen Trust Funds and take them off-budget
  6. Health Care: Better and immediate funding for Medicare & Medicaid
  7. Health Care: Prescription drug benefit within Medicare

CBC Policy

    Congressional Black Caucus - policy statements
    -- About the CBC: membership list and mission

  1. Civil Rights: Supports reparations for slavery
  2. Foreign Policy: Supported sending Colin Powell to Durban racism conference
  3. Principles & Values: Reject Bush's Florida electors due to election fraud
  4. Health Care: Increase funding for AIDS treatment & prevention
  5. Health Care: More funding for Rx benefits, community health, CHIPs
  6. Government Reform: Election reform is #1 priority to prevent disenfranchisement
  7. Civil Rights: Ending racial profiling is part of fight for justice
  8. Technology: Close digital divide with high-tech training
  9. Budget & Economy: Get minorities into home ownership & global marketplace

DLC Policy

    The Hyde Park Declaration, centrist "New Democrat" policy statements
    -- About the DLC: membership list and "Third Way" centrism

  1. Free Trade: Build a rule-based global trading system
  2. Education: Offer every parent Charter Schools and public school choice
  3. Welfare & Poverty: Finish welfare reform by moving able recipients into jobs
  4. Families & Children: Give parents tools to balance work and family
  5. Health Care: Establish "report cards" on HMO quality of care
  6. Civil Rights: Shift from group preferences to economic empowerment of all
  7. Social Security: Create Retirement Savings Accounts
  8. Technology: Chief information officer to digitize federal government
  9. Government Reform: Voluntary public financing for all general elections
  10. Energy & Oil: Supports tradable emissions permits for greenhouse gases
  11. Gun Control: Prevent unauthorized firearm use with "smart gun" technology
  12. Foreign Policy: Progressive Internationalism: globalize with US pre-eminence

RLC Policy

    Republican Liberty Caucus, libertarians' policy statements
    -- About the RLC: membership list and mission

  1. Government Reform: Limit federal power, per the 10th Amendment
  2. Education: Abolish the federal Department of Education
  3. Health Care: Abolish federal Medicare entitlement; leave it to states
  4. Tax Reform: Overhaul income tax; end capital gains & inheritance tax
  5. Welfare & Poverty: Abolish federal welfare; leave it all to states
  6. Gun Control: Support the Second Amendment
  7. Government Reform: Unlimited campaign contributions; with full disclosure
  8. Budget & Economy: Supports Balanced Budget Amendment & on-budget accounting
  9. Free Trade: No restrictions on import/export; but maintain sovereignty
  10. Homeland Security: End draft registration; all-volunteer forces
  11. Homeland Security: Federal duty to provide missile defense
  12. Foreign Policy: Foreign aid often more harmful than helpful
  13. Drugs: War on Drugs has abused Bill of Rights
  14. Abortion: No federal funding of abortion, but no litmus test

CWC Policy

    Congressional Women’s Caucus - policy statements
    -- About the CWC: membership list and mission

  1. Civil Rights: Supported legislation on violence against women & safety
  2. Health Care: Supported funding women's health needs
  3. Health Care: Supported funding older women's health
  4. Abortion: Supported funding contraception and UN family planning
  5. Health Care: Supported funding Prenatal and Postpartum Care
  6. Health Care: Supported funding Family and Children's Coverage
  7. Education: Supported funding for teacher training & other initiatives
  8. Civil Rights: Supports ERA and comparable work pay rules for women
  9. Families & Children: Supported funding child care, child health, & child housing
  10. Social Security: Supported pension reform and tax credits for long-term care
  11. Homeland Security: Recognize women veterans; assist military families
  12. Civil Rights: Supported funding for women's and disadvantaged businesses
  13. Tax Reform: Tax incentives for child care; eliminate marriage penalty
  14. Tax Reform: Tax incentives for education, new schools, & families

Contract With America

    Republican policy promises for the 1994 Congressional takeover
    -- Contract with America: 10 bills in 1st 100 days of Congress

  1. Government Reform: Government is too big, too intrusive, too easy with money
  2. Budget & Economy: Supports balanced budget amendment & line item veto
  3. Crime: More prisons, more enforcement, effective death penalty
  4. Welfare & Poverty: Limit welfare to 2 years & cut welfare spending
  5. Families & Children: Use tax code to reinforce families
  6. Tax Reform: Repeal marriage tax; cut middle class taxes
  7. Homeland Security: No US troops under UN command; more defense spending
  8. Social Security: Reduce taxes on Social Security earnings
  9. Jobs: Incentives to businesses create jobs & raise wages
  10. Government Reform: Limit punitive damages; term limits on Congress

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