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Crippled America,
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The Truths We Hold,
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Smart on Crime,
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Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
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Promise Me, Dad ,
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Conscience of a Conservative,
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Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
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What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Winners and Losers
Senate candidates from Kansas

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    Click on a participant to pop-up their full list of quotations
    from Past and present Senate candidates from Kansas (number of quotes indicated):
  • Blanche Lambert Lincoln (10) Former Democratic Senator Arkansas
  • Chad Taylor (21) Democrat Challenger Kansas
  • Charlie Hardy (2) Democratic Senate Challenger Wyoming
  • Claire McCaskill (1) Democratic Sr Senator; previously state Auditor Missouri
  • Conner Eldridge (11) Democratic Senate Challenger Arkansas
  • Curtis Coleman (15) Republican Senate challenger Arkansas
  • Frank Gilbert (2) Arkansas Libertarian Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Greg Orman (24) Kansas Independent candidate for Governor
  • Jerry Moran (6) Republican Jr Senator Kansas
  • Jim Slattery (3) Former Democratic Senate Challenger (2008) Kansas
  • John Boozman (11) Republican Jr Senator Arkansas
  • Josh Hawley (3) Republican candidate for Missouri U.S. Senator Missouri
  • Mark Pryor (6) Democratic Sr Senator Arkansas
  • Mark Swaney (4) 2014 Green Senate Challenger Arkansas
  • Milton Wolf (19) Republican Challenger Kansas
  • Nathan LaFrance (5) Libertarian Senate Challenger Arkansas
  • Pat Roberts (18) Republican Sr Senator Kansas
  • Patrick Wiesner (32) Democratic Senate candidate Kansas
  • Randall Batson (30) Libertarian Senate challenger Kansas
  • Robin Carnahan (5) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; Secretary of State Missouri
  • Roy Blunt (7) Republican Jr Senator Missouri
  • Todd Akin (1) Republican Challenger Missouri
  • Todd Tiahrt (5) Republican Senate Challenger Kansas
  • Tom Cotton (13) Republican Senate challenger Arkansas
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Frank Gilbert: Only allow abortion for rape, incest, and maternal life.
    Jerry Moran: Life from conception is sacred and must be defended.
    Patrick Wiesner: A woman bears the burdens; so trust her judgment.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of the rights of the unborn.
    Conner Eldridge: I'm personally opposed, but Roe v Wade is the law.
    Greg Orman: Supports access to abortion services.
    Pat Roberts: Let insurance plans deny abortions based on employer beliefs.
    Randall Batson: Support abortion as a woman's right.
    Randall Batson: Focus on alternatives such as adoption & foster children.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: I believe in God; and only God has all the answers.
    Milton Wolf: Human life begins at conception.
    Chad Taylor: No prosecution of Planned Parenthood for lost reports.
    Curtis Coleman: Supports umbilical stem cell research, but not embryonic.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Boozman's pro-life stance puts rapists over victims.
    John Boozman: Opposes transporting minors across state lines for abortion.
    Jim Slattery: Record in US Congress in support of abortion rights.
    Pat Roberts: Staunch stance as an advocate for life and families.
Budget & Economy
    Patrick Wiesner: Pay off $19T national debt over a period of 25 years.
    Patrick Wiesner: Paying off the national debt is the duty of baby boomers.
    Curtis Coleman: Work tirelessly to reduce our deficit & pay back $18T debt.
    Conner Eldridge: Start doing something about $18 trillion in debt.
    Nathan LaFrance: Politicians CANNOT control government spending; time for BBA.
    Randall Batson: Market-led recovery instead of federal stimulus.
    Patrick Wiesner: End Washington DC's "let's borrow money" culture.
    Patrick Wiesner: Generate surpluses & not deficits; pay off our national debt.
    Pat Roberts: Ok to spend in time of war; otherwise don't be over-generous.
    Milton Wolf: Free enterprise is the key to national prosperity.
    Greg Orman: Report federal spending by strict accounting standards.
    Chad Taylor: Budget cuts threaten basic prosecutorial services.
    Robin Carnahan: 2008 bank bailout helped Wall Street, not ordinary people.
    Roy Blunt: Bailout ok; stimulus package a huge mistake.
    Robin Carnahan: TARP financial bailout let banks run wild.
    Roy Blunt: TARP was a plan that worked.
Civil Rights
    Patrick Wiesner: Marriage for two same-sex persons making a life commitment.
    Curtis Coleman: Protect right to free practice of our faith.
    Conner Eldridge: OpEd: Dems embrace same-sex marriage; Eldridge is reluctant.
    Greg Orman: Government should not prohibit same-sex marriage.
    Randall Batson: Opposes affirmative action.
    Randall Batson: Indifferent to same-sex marriage.
    Chad Taylor: Advocate for equality, including equal pay for equal work.
    Chad Taylor: Make bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.
    Milton Wolf: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Charlie Hardy: Equal pay for equal work.
    Curtis Coleman: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Defer to military decision on Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.
    John Boozman: Keep Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell; the policy has worked well.
    Chad Taylor: Successfully prosecuted 9-year-long rape case.
    Patrick Wiesner: CPA who owns a tax, bankruptcy, and business law practice.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Worked as management consultant, not in insurance.
    John Boozman: Tax cuts for higher income helps small business owners.
    Conner Eldridge: Work with law enforcement to reduce threats of violence.
    Randall Batson: Strongly opposes stricter punishment to reduce crime.
    Randall Batson: Eliminate mandatory minimums; balance with rehabilitation.
    Mark Swaney: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Josh Hawley: Charges opioid manufacturers with deception.
    Patrick Wiesner: Failure to stop opioid drug trade is a failure of government.
    Patrick Wiesner: Legalizing pot would be surrender, but treat addicts who ask.
    Conner Eldridge: Spent 5 years as US Attorney taking on drug traffickers.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports legalizing marijuana.
    Chad Taylor: Legalizing marijuana may decrease crime & increase revenue.
    Randall Batson: Legalization yields better results than current turf wars.
    Chad Taylor: Successfully prosecuted case on hallucinogenic level-2 drugs.
    Conner Eldridge: I attended public schools and I will prioritize education.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports parents choosing schools via vouchers.
    Patrick Wiesner: More revenue to increase K-12 funding and college funding.
    Milton Wolf: Block federal mandates such as Common Core.
    Greg Orman: National innovation for high student achievement.
Energy & Oil
    Patrick Wiesner: Build Keystone pipeline without environmental mistakes.
    Patrick Wiesner: Remove tax credits for wind energy & agri-biodiesel fuels.
    Patrick Wiesner: End tax credits for wind energy & biofuel--they're gimmicks.
    Randall Batson: Strongly opposes prioritizing green energy.
    Patrick Wiesner: Support the Keystone Pipeline, with environmental safeguards.
    Mark Swaney: Tax carbon to encourage people to use alternatives.
    Milton Wolf: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    Chad Taylor: "Wind cowboys" maintain fields of windmills in west Kansas.
    Curtis Coleman: Use every American energy source to end external dependency.
    Curtis Coleman: Cap-and-trade is a massive tax on energy consumption.
    Patrick Wiesner: Why do we waste effort on lesser prairie chicken regulation?
    Curtis Coleman: EPA poses a serious threat to property rights.
    John Boozman: EPA regulations make dirtier climate abroad & no gain in US.
    Randall Batson: Indifferent to whether there's a 'right' against pollution.
    Greg Orman: Rein in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
    Chad Taylor: Good farmers use best practices, as stewards of the land.
    Greg Orman: We can protect our environment AND create jobs.
    Pat Roberts: For early farm bill, but final bill had too many subsidies.
    Robin Carnahan: Brother's $107M wind project created 1000s of jobs statewide.
Families & Children
    Claire McCaskill: Women were exploited in 2000 BC, not just from 1960s.
    Patrick Wiesner: Ancestors immigrated to Kansas; kids raised in Kansas.
    Tom Cotton: Domestic violence victim funding pushes ideological agenda.
    Chad Taylor: Successfully prosecuted case on child sexual exploitation.
Foreign Policy
    Conner Eldridge: Advocate for an aggressive, unapologetic foreign policy.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports maintaining U.S. sovereignty from the U.N.
    Chad Taylor: Diplomatic solutions are always preferable.
    Greg Orman: Eliminate our country's dependence on foreign creditors.
    Charlie Hardy: Most military people want peace-making foreign policies.
    Pat Roberts: Opposed UN ban on discrimination against disabilities.
Free Trade
    Patrick Wiesner: Protect American companies against foreign dumping.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Trans Pacific Partnership; supports fair trade.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports expanding free trade.
    Chad Taylor: Trade has globalized US, but also exports jobs.
Government Reform
    Patrick Wiesner: No lobbyist-drafted bills; Senators must read all bills.
    Curtis Coleman: 12-year term limits: citizen legislators and judges.
    Greg Orman: Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
    Nathan LaFrance: Term limits will accomplish with CFR attempts to do.
    Greg Orman: Ban on PACs formed by congressional leaders.
    Greg Orman: 12-year term limit for Congress.
    Pat Roberts: 2012: No transparency of PAC donors; 2014: Some transparency.
    Pat Roberts: No term limits for Congress.
    Randall Batson: Indifferent to stricter enforcement of the right to vote.
    Patrick Wiesner: Lobbyists should never be allowed to draft laws, nor donate.
    Milton Wolf: Photo ID for voting.
    Greg Orman: Ballot requirements hinder 3rd-party candidates.
    Mark Pryor: Government shutdown is reckless & irresponsible.
    Chad Taylor: Require open meetings for water utility rate-setting.
    Roy Blunt: Carnahan's $107M wind energy project created only 16 jobs.
    Roy Blunt: Took $200K from lobbyists for 2010; tops among House members.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: No moratorium on earmarks; they fund local projects.
Gun Control
    Patrick Wiesner: Gun rights are limited: no concealed carry on college campus.
    Conner Eldridge: Enforce the gun laws already on the books.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Nathan LaFrance: Attempts at building a federal gun registry are wrong.
    Greg Orman: Don't make it easy for a convict to get guns at gun shows.
    Pat Roberts: Don't mess with people's right to bear arms.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports an absolute right to gun ownership.
    Greg Orman: Owns handguns but supports background checks.
    Randall Batson: Possess & trade firearms as owners wish.
    Chad Taylor: I'm a gun owner, but we need to enforce gun laws.
    Milton Wolf: Opposes more gun restrictions.
Health Care
    Patrick Wiesner: Make ObamaCare work; repeal is unlikely.
    Curtis Coleman: I will never vote to fund ObamaCare.
    Conner Eldridge: Improve ObamaCare rather than distractions about repeal.
    Greg Orman: Futile to repeal ObamaCare while Obama is in office.
    Pat Roberts: Immediate and complete repeal of ObamaCare.
    Randall Batson: Strongly opposes expanding ObamaCare.
    Milton Wolf: Repeal ObamaCare & replace with PatientCare free market.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No, Cotton won't end Medicare guarantee.
    Milton Wolf: Apologizes for posting gruesome medical X-rays on Facebook.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: False that Medicare vouchers increase seniors' cost.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Cotton supports Medicare "premium support" vouchers.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Pat Roberts: First to call for Sebelius resignation over ObamaCare fiasco.
    Todd Tiahrt: Calls for Sebelius resignation over ObamaCare fiasco.
    Tom Cotton: Federal shut down to force ObamaCare delay by one year.
    Tom Cotton: FactCheck: No special subsidies for congressional staff.
    Milton Wolf: ObamaCare extends "crony health care" which began in 1929.
    Milton Wolf: ObamaCare turns health insurers into public utilities.
    Milton Wolf: Free market solutions ALREADY work; so add more.
    Robin Carnahan: To repeal ObamaCare, repeal Congress plan first.
    Roy Blunt: Limit health costs by limiting medical malpractice liability.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Fix broken logistics of healthcare delivery.
    John Boozman: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    John Boozman: Nothing in healthcare bill controls cost; much escalates it.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Worked to ensure the overhaul helped small businesses.
    John Boozman: Solution like overhaul is what's wrong with government.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: I stopped the public option in ObamaCare.
    John Boozman: Something needs to be done, but ObamaCare is a job killer.
    Todd Tiahrt: FactCheck: Yes, ObamaCare levies some taxes before services.
Homeland Security
    Patrick Wiesner: Served 21 years in military; 3 years in Iraq & Afghanistan.
    Roy Blunt: FactCheck: Did not disclose student deferment from Vietnam.
    Curtis Coleman: AdWatch: Boozman voted to curtail civil liberties; I won't.
    Curtis Coleman: Oppose unconstitutional activities by the NSA.
    Nathan LaFrance: Meta-data collection of phone records is unconstitutional.
    Randall Batson: Strongly opposes expanding the armed forces.
    Randall Batson: Bring our troops home; close bases overseas.
    Pat Roberts: $200M for new fleet of tankers at McConnell Air Force Base.
    Milton Wolf: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal.
    Greg Orman: Understand costs of military action, including veterans.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No sense of entitlement from serving in military.
    Chad Taylor: Advocate of a national defense respected throughout world.
    Roy Blunt: Amended defense bill for company donating $20,000.
    Jerry Moran: No constitutional rights for terrorists, categorically.
    Todd Tiahrt: 2006: For military tribunals to try suspected terrorists.
    Jerry Moran: Military tribunals for terrorists are unconstitutional.
    Patrick Wiesner: Hispanics are hard workers--but no amnesty.
    Curtis Coleman: 100% opposed to amnesty in any form or by any mechanism.
    Greg Orman: Increase border patrols; reduce undocumented immigrant flow.
    Pat Roberts: Increase border patrols; reduce undocumented immigrant flow.
    Pat Roberts: 1986: Opposed Reagan's immigration limited amnesty bill.
    Randall Batson: Supports illegal immigrants earning citizenship.
    Randall Batson: Benefits of citizenship only if arrived by legal means.
    Chad Taylor: Unmuddy the waters and create a path to citizenship.
    Milton Wolf: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Greg Orman: Illegals already here should register and pay taxes.
    Todd Akin: Illegal immigrants receiving benefits is unacceptable.
    Jerry Moran: No driver's licenses & no college discounts for illegals.
    Todd Tiahrt: I've shifted my view: build the fence on Mexican border.
    Todd Tiahrt: Compassion for illegals on lower tuition, but no more.
    Mark Swaney: Abandon minimum wage in favor of living wage.
    Greg Orman: Government should create environment conducive to job growth.
Principles & Values
    Josh Hawley: Under investigation for mixing public funds with campaign.
    Josh Hawley: Fight the false gospel of 'anything goes'.
    Frank Gilbert: Christian Libertarian & believes in Non-Aggression Principle.
    Jerry Moran: I led the fight to give Republicans control of the Senate.
    Randall Batson: Libertarian offers third choice between Orman and Roberts.
    Randall Batson: Supports keeping God in the public sphere.
    Greg Orman: I've tried both parties and didn't like either.
    Chad Taylor: Separation of church and state isn't a relevant issue.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God; and only God has all the answers.
    Milton Wolf: OpEd: Tea Party "wolfpack" support; but no apology for X-ray.
    Pat Roberts: Group ratings more conservative in 2014 than in 2012.
    Pat Roberts: Returns home to Kansas "every time I get an opponent".
    Milton Wolf: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    Greg Orman: Fiscally conservative, socially tolerant independent.
    Greg Orman: We're sending the worst of both parties to Washington.
    Greg Orman: 2010 Common Sense Coalition: give voice to sensible center.
    Greg Orman: I consider myself fiscally conservative & socially tolerant.
    Tom Cotton: Served in military, academia, and as management consultant.
    Tom Cotton: Fastest male in Congress; has finished 11 marathons.
    Milton Wolf: AdWatch: Roberts doesn't live in Kansas anymore.
    Milton Wolf: Career politicians are changed by Washington.
    Pat Roberts: Resides in Virginia but votes in Kansas.
    Mark Pryor: Campaign theme: Pryor is responsible, Cotton is reckless.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God and I believe in His word.
    Milton Wolf: Obama is my cousin, but I oppose ObamaCare.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Some say I'm too liberal; some say I'm too conservative.
    John Boozman: Arkansas can't afford Blanche Lincoln anymore.
Social Security
    Patrick Wiesner: Raise $180B for Trust Fund by mandated bond interest rates.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports privatizing Social Security.
    Chad Taylor: No privatization; but we need to discuss reforms.
    Randall Batson: Opt in/opt out of payroll deduction choice.
    Randall Batson: Opt in/opt out of payroll deduction choice.
    Greg Orman: Lack of economic growth drains Social Security.
    Tom Cotton: Oppo AdWatch: supports Privatizing social security.
    Robin Carnahan: Accuses opponent of voting to privatize.
    John Boozman: Private accounts should be looked at as an option.
Tax Reform
    Patrick Wiesner: As CPA, I'll be the Senate expert on the tax code.
    Curtis Coleman: Simple Flat Tax plan: 10% for all personal income tax.
    Nathan LaFrance: Replace income tax with national sales tax.
    Randall Batson: Strongly opposes higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Chad Taylor: Simplify tax code, but no FairTax and no national sales tax.
    Randall Batson: Replace income tax with FairTax national sales tax.
    Patrick Wiesner: Rewrite a new simpler tax code, but hire more IRS staff.
    Patrick Wiesner: Tax attorney and CPA.
    Patrick Wiesner: A new simpler code is needed; but IRS needs more staff.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Extend tax cuts for low and middle income.
    John Boozman: Support the FairTax; abolish the Internal Revenue Service.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: The ultrawealthy should not receive tax cuts.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: National sales tax of 23% is just a bad idea for Arkansans.
    Jerry Moran: Voted for tax increases 12 times, and against 200 times.
    Patrick Wiesner: Immediately start work on roads, bridges, and airports.
War & Peace
    Patrick Wiesner: Protection of Iraqi oil reserves is a vital US interest.
    Patrick Wiesner: It's up to the US to completely defeat ISIS.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Obama's Iran nuclear deal; needs more verification.
    Randall Batson: Strongly supports staying out of Iran.
    Chad Taylor: Sanctions on Iran are working; no further military action.
    Chad Taylor: Air patrols on Syria ok; no deeper involvement.
    Mark Swaney: Iraq war was a waste, based on a lie.
    Tom Cotton: Jihadists attack us for who we are.
    Tom Cotton: Iraq War was just and noble.
    Jim Slattery: Roberts delayed prewar intelligence to justify war in Iraq.
    Pat Roberts: I led exposure of pre-Iraq war intelligence failures.
    Jim Slattery: Roberts should have known Iraq intelligence was inaccurate.
    Pat Roberts: Whole world believed Iraq intelligence was accurate.
Welfare & Poverty
    Patrick Wiesner: Change housing policy to avoid taking on more debt.

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Senate candidates from Kansas.

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